Hi peeps, went to Escape Dungeon last Sunday. It was actually our Anakainos outing from 6th of March postponed until 23rd of March. Since I saw Groupon having promotion about this Escape Dungeon was only RM15 per person. The price is quite acceptable and cheap for a game because normal Escape game cost RM30+ per person. At first was really thought is Escape Game but turns out is not lar, but never mind seems like everyone is having fun also! We booked the time is 1pm and after church services end. We reach SS15 around 12pm from Setapak. Luckily is still early we can still saw some empty parking for us.

Saw the banner at the stairs there. We are having lunch at a nearby pan me shop lol. 

After our quick lunch, all of us gather there. The place was quite small and like total 14 of us is really quite pack already.

Waiting for our turn and 4 person is slightly late and the people in-charge told us that latest can wait until 1:15pm because mainly room was all booked.

5 of the room here we can only have 3 rooms for the 1pm booking time.

In the room Trapped already. I choose the Trapped room with the 4/5 horror and difficulties. We have 2 guys trapped in the other dark room, they been locked on their leg and can't really walk around. While waiting, selfie first lol! xD

We got 3 pretty girls in the room.

Saw this big mirror and good for take photos also! haha

Last coding to break!! Guess what.....

We manage to break the room in 40 minutes time!! Congrats us~~

Our act cool and CHIO look xD

The guyss~~

Stop fighting!! haha Because we are the first team to break the room so we just keep posing and taking photos like nobody business lol. 

Couple selfie #2

We are the winner team!

The other 2 teams were lost in the room lol. You see their posing also know that they are quite stress up after the game xD

The 3rd team.

There is the 1 corner stick all the Poloraid photo on the walls.

Our team photo and slogan xD

The girls photo.

Selfie with pretty Irene.

With my Dear Allecia.

The guys photo. Try to mimic Irene pose on the girls photo.

Group Photo #1

Group photo #2

Group photo #3.

The LED light of Escape Dungeon.


Conclusion of the game was really very exciting lol! We were crazily happy to win the game although we did use hint to help us but others we are doing on our own as well. The 2 trapped guys on the other room really done well in their room, haha! We somehow having some difficulties on our last lock in the room. Too focus on the other clues and didn't realize that the keys is so easy lol! haha Everyone of us really don't their part well lol, I just screaming and rushing them, Allecia very cool in finding clues, Irene actually quite good also wor! My baby also lol, so focusing, Wayne really clever lol and Chew Aun just wait for helped xD hahahaha We are quite happy with the outcome also when we manage to open the last lock we were like crazy people released from jail like that xD hahaha

Teamwork is important in this game and Time management as well. Luckily each of us look at the time all the time and manage to gao dim all the lock lol. I heard some others just because miss out the time so they lost the game. Don't really look down on this game although just being lock in 1 or 2 room lol. Time passes very fast and the clues and locks are not easy to break, haha! Hope to try another game as well, go for ESCAPE ROOM!

Escape Dungeon

No 46-2 & 46-3.
Jalan SS15/4D
47500 Subang Jaya

Tel: 03-5611 5611​

Business Hour : 11:00am - 11:00 PM

A glass of milk and expresso ICE CUBE!!

Cake =D

Baby boy Nutella with coffee and their signature cake.

Saw the Periodic Table of Coffee!!

Cashier coffee menu board.

The cakes.

The numbering box.

The girls. Lol, saw the Ho Chiak sticker at the mirror there! just notice it now xD

Environment 8/10
Drinks 8/10
Desserts 8/10

Flat White

No 73-1, Jalan SS15/8a, Subang Jaya
47500 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Today 10:00 am - 12:00 

End my post with our group photo! Always loves to hang out with them. Enjoy our day together at Escape Dungeon and hope to have another outing soon, Till then.

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