Hi peeps, finally got the time to blogging here. I know I have not been update here because April is really a busy month for me. Its still haven't end yet and the responsible is getting bigger and bigger. I hope this feeling can gone because I don't like this feeling okay. Everyday busy work and paperwork until 5pm or 6pm only can back home. And my work still can't be done lol.

Sorry about all my ranting and I shall start my post about last weekend Herbal Essences Neo Gal Party at Signature, The Roof. I was very excited because it was my first time joining Nuffnang event. I am 1 of the 4 winner pick by Audrey Fourfeetnine!! Thanks to Audrey ~~ I guess I was lucky enough to be pick, haha!! Super happy and gan jeong for me because can't decide what to wear and have no idea of what's Neo Gal really ah. After know that I am the winner to get the pass to the event. I emailed Audrey and received email from Nuffnang on the Friday.

What's really worry me is the time of the event. Because that day I have training from 8am to 4pm. ( hate working on weekends) The venue and time change from pool to the roof lol. The event starts from 3:30pm and I have to leave early from work. Super rush and scare late to the event since I left at 3pm and need to doll up and get change lolol.

But I managed to reach there in time and invite my friend Valerie with me! I shall spam my blog post with lots of lots of photo that I took during the event.

Thanks Valerie for the photo. Me at the registration counter.

Inside the party was super purple and pink in color! We DIY our goodies bag and have some few magazines in the goodies bag. We actually skip the Hair Chalk Color Station and see what we got!! Cupcakess~~ 

Cheesie is here too!! Busy decorates the cupcakes with many cute icing on it! I did try and design my own cupcakes that is Snowman cupcakes.

This is the Rose Pink station with a lots of Pink Roses!!

The big print of the Herbal Essences Rose pink shampoo.

The Another station for Rose Pink is Accessories DIY. They provide the hairclip, hair rubber band, earings and beads for bracelets. We just need to stick the accessories on the hairclip/ earing with the glue gun.

Love this beads bracelet I put myself and thanks the station pic help me to tie my bracelet.

We have Charis performing here too!! She is so pretty. Loves her heels and her voice is amazing too!

While having the performance, we are busying taking selife.

Besides the rose pink station we have Lavender too. This is the Hairband DIY station with Jane Chuck. 

Beside the station we have WOW Photobooth with us as well, the sticker and design photo station.

Love the vintage backdrop for the photo background.

Got Lavender decorations too!!

Waiting our photo to be print =)

Ta dang our photo before and after design.

The interior design of the PARTY!!

Love this Light!

Pink, white and purple Flower Ball.

Have this small Manicure station just beside the Rose Pink Photobooth. Gonna try it later!

The Pink Rose photobooth have this BIG fake pink roses on the backdrop. The rose looks real and really pretty in PINK!

Busying taking selfie while waiting the camera to get ready. The lighting over here is super nice because they have the white lighting for the photo shooting. So the best selfie spot will be here because of the lighting that is super nice when you take photo xD

A video about all the bloggers sharing =D

Hair make over session by 76 style saloon. Jane Chuck and Cheesie is getting style by them and 2 lucky girls too!

While the hair styling session is going on, decided to try on the Tattoo spray station just beside the Hairband DIY. Valerie left because have to reach home earlier. The Tattoo just last for a week time and since I am working. I decided to spray it on my......

Yeah, WAIST! xD

Is Jane Chuck time. 

What a Bombastic Hair Style xD


A pretty flower braid for Jane Chuck.

With the Stylist.

Winners for the Best dress =D But am not gonna end my post here because I have exclusive selfies with my favorite bloggers as well! I think is my honor to meet them in person. And able to chat with them is really quite exciting. But I still nervous when I meet up with them and not able to really chat with them. Maybe because too nervous already I will mix up my language and grammar lol!

And we got Audrey there too just standing beside us while Charis performing of cause cannot miss the chance of taking selfie with her!! Thanks Valerie so much for borrow her 自拍神器 for me. You can see the selfie really take until super pretty and skin so smooth, phewitt!

3 of us =D My face was like super slim lol.

In this event, I know Jane Chuck will be here too!

She was such a cute and friendly girl. When asking for selfies together she is so nice and cute lol. Some more younger than me but taller than me. I really love her nose a lot and she is so pretty in person as well as in photos she posted on instagram!!

And The gonna become Mummy Cheesie is here too! Love her rainbow pastel top look on her. Still Sweet and Pretty as usual. She is still so slim and thin even though pregnant for 8 months already? Her baby gonna out on the Mid June. So happy because June is my birthday month  as well =D

Gonna end my post with my own selfie lolol. Anyway thanks Nuffnang for organize this wonderful party for all the girls and mostly thanks to Audrey for giving me this chance. Feeling very lucky because have a lots of wonderful events I join. I do make some new friends, meet new people and be more social because that was what I afraid and gan jeong most lol. Thanks for everything and thanks God for giving me all the chances that I need. Lastly, thanks my lovely wonderful darling who be my driver for the event I attend. Till Then.

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