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Hi peeps, since I pamper myself with having a enjoyable manicure and pedicure session at Amante Nail Spa and Body. The next day I was happy to be invited to join Worthy Book event organizing by The Butterfly Project: The Beauty Blogger. It was my first join their event and I feel so happy and excited to attend their event! Since the Saturday I was working at Jalan Klang Lama just near Mid Valley and after finish my work I straight away headed to there. We have our lunch there and shopping until my session 4pm. I search for the location only knew that it was at The Gardens Mall, Level 5. I was still early when I reach there and saw Tammy and Caroline was there already! They give us worthy book voucher and led us to the counter.

The Ecoparadise , with their Japanese name.

Registration Form

Resting and waiting for our session.

Thanks Worthy Book for these wonderful voucher! While waiting I met a new friend Sabrina in the waiting room. We wait for around 5 minutes and we have a small briefing and introduction about What is this session and What is anti-oxidant all about. 

Let me show you some picture info about what is Antioxidant Therapy all about.

Excessive free radicals will lead to numerous health problem and to the above symptoms in the picture above. 

How are excessive free radicals form in our daily life?

Unhealthy Diet
Air Pollution
Sunlight UV Rays

How are we gonna prevent excessive free radicals to our body?

Back to Nature
 Eat More Vegetables and Fruits

Ecoparadise uses the concept of supplying antioxidant enriched air, similar to the environment in waterfalls. Ecoparadise Antioxidant Theraphy Rooms are specially constructed using buidling materials imported from Japan, such as Anti-oxidant wall paint, ceramic and even shampoo and soap bar!! Hot bed materials(the Antioxidants ceramic) emit antioxidants(negative ions) into the air. Room temperature is set at 42 - 45 Degree by using hot water circulation. There are hot pipe build under the room and the air in the room will not burnt up skin or feel stuffiness inside the room.

 What you will need to do before and after the Hot Bed Therapy room?

 Customers will be provided lockers and robes/towel to change into at their provide Sakura Shower Room.
 Customers will be lie on top of the hot bed and let your body absorb the antioxidants via the skin and through normal breathing.
 Absorption of antioxidants will help assist the body's natural ability to combat free radicals.
 The warm temperature is soothing. Customer will be able to sweat and detox while relaxing at the same time.
 Each session is for maximum 40 minutes, although it is recommended that customers exit early once they feel refreshed. They even preferred us to lay different pose, such as normal sleeping pose(10 minutes), right and left side pose(each side 10 minutes) and laying down on tummy(10 minutes). You can decide which part you feel like detox the most you can spend more time laying on. Example, for tummy fats you can lie down on your tummy for 15 minutes.
 No handphones or any electronic devices should be brought into the therapy rooms as these devices emit free radicals. Prefer to no talking inside the therapy room to let our face muscle relax and antioxidant can work more effective. 

What is the Benefit of this Therapy?

 Blood circulation will improve.
Lowered water retention
 Improve general health and immune system
 Improved metabolism
 Burn calories

Food that will not be easily rotten or smelly even after years with the Anti-oxidants air.

Right: Antioxidants water that even nail won't turn rusty.
Left: Normal water that nail will turn rusty after putting inside.

Me with my robe, feel so NAKED because we have to take out everything but just wear the robe to the therapy!

Their Sakura Shower room. The shower room really looks nice and elegant design lolol!!

Couple hot bed 

Resting after the hot bed therapy.

Water and Resting corner.

You can find more of Antioxidants product.

Even comes with facial products.

Even farm's animal and plant can grow more healthier in Anti-oxidant air.

Benefits of using Anti-oxidant Construction Method.

Meet my new friend of the day, Susu Suquan. Happy to know her because we actually chit chat alot in Chinese! My english is sucks especially when I get nervous meeting with new friends, haha! But Susu is so friendly and nice. We been in the same therapy together as well. We keep talk a lot and I been asking about her blogging life. I didn't get to have her facebook account because she left quite rush to other place, haha! But nevermind Internet world is amazing and found her blog web !! yeah!!

The outcome

 My face glow and have the natural red blush on my cheeks!!
 Super refreshing and energetic after the therapy.
 Skin and face feel smooth.
Sweat lots on the shoulder part where the sweat glands are.
 Sinus problem is much better! ( having serious flu on that day)

Oh ya, they even encourage us to drink as many water as you can. They keep provide us their Anti-oxidant water for us. Before and during the therapy, after the therapy we are each being given the enzymes drink to clean out toxic in our stomach.

This the bigger room size for four person.

After the session, we relax and took bath using their Anti-oxidant shampoo made with soya. Love the taste and feel so refreshing and clean after the bath! I was the last one our from the shower and went to the reception. there are many Anti-oxidant product sold outside. I really enjoy this wonderful session with Ecoparadise and it was a fun healthy a lot journey with Anti-oxidant environment. We should come and try the experience with the Hot Bed Therapy and the Anti-oxidants journey for our healthy and amazing lifestyle!! Lastly, thank you The Butterfly Projects: Beauty Blogger for inviting me to Chapter 9: Ecoparadise Antioxidant Hot Bed Therapy (Worthy Book) journey with all the Butterflies!!


Ecoparadise @ The Gardens Mall 
Lot FF-229, 5th Floor 
The Gardens Mall, 
Mid Valley City Lingkaran Syed Putra, 
59200 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: (603) 2287 4019 
Fax: (603) 2287 3019

Before I went to the Hot Bed Theraphy session, went for Japanese food for lunch after work. Hand made Ramen very thick noodle and smooth noodle!!

Saw the No shark Fins event happen on Mid Valley and saw all the beautiful hand made paper box Sea World. Must stop and take photos with them first!

Pink Corals.

Pink and Lavender is a perfect match.

Acting cute since I think fishes is CUTE lol! haha 

My Sharonootd details

Pink Checker tops | Star Pattern Denim | Jelly Bunny Shoes

Hot Chocolate and Smoked Salmon for Dinner after the Therapy, yummy!

Till then guys.

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