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A simple Post with Pipit Zakka photo. I went there on the 12th of April with my friend. I really love Zakka stuff a lot because is vintage, special handmade and unique in their own design. But designer work is usually quite pricey but it's depend on you to think that whether it is worth to buy or not. For me I usually go for cheap and vintage stuff also. I will try to minimize my money and at the mean time can buy a lots of stuff lol.

I love all those vintage stuff that Pipit Zakka always have. If you have read back my previous years post, that I always went to the Pipit Wonderful Market since 2010 to 2012. During 2013, they stop this Pipit wonderful market due to some problem which I forget why lol. You all can click to the link provided I went to the Pipit Wonderful Market. About the anniversary year of their market, I guess I a bit confused but never mind my title of the post. Because all the post is from my previous years the photos and the writing seem to be different. Hope you guys don't mind =D

Pipit Zakka has actually open few store around KL if you have seen their shop make sure you drop by and visit them! I went to Pipit Zakka Store which is located at Taman Connaught, Cheras. I know it's sound far from my house but I did manage to visit the store and thanks to my darling willing to drive all the way there. Is my first time visit here since their wonderful market, this time I went with Pamela and Chee Seng. I quite excited because its been a while since I visited Pipit Wonderful Market. The place is not very spacious but it does sell a lots of Zakka stuff. This Pipit Zakka Store is only open during Friday until Sunday only. This time they will open a month for Zakka Festival 2014 from 4th of April until 4th of May.

I quite obsess with all these super cute stamps.

OMG, how can the fluffy purse so cute!! But I didn't get one for myself =(

This sticker corner sell RM1 for minimum 10 stickers each you choose. Since me and Chee Seng are from education line sticker is what children nowadays totally crazy of xD

Love this handmade door curtain, super cute design.


Not really sure what was all these cute little thingy made of but is so cute and well design as well.

There are 2 part of the store this is just one part of the store. 

The wishing corner list. With many lovely wishes by all the customer.

Drawing and writing table.

Mostly the small Zakka stuff each of the designer sell is arrange like the photos above. They really maximize the space to sell their Zakka.

Opposite the wall is this wooden wall where the entrance will be. 

Anyone is a Vintage Accessories lover? I still love all the accessories piece here but I guess I always feel its quite pricey. But like I say earlier is the one and only piece they design and the price is up to you decide whether is worth for it.

More postcards!

The cash counter area. Love the colorful stick up there and I not sure is for sale lol.

Pipit Zakka Store Poster.

Heading out after we pay for our goods. Love this vintage corner for relaxing.

Even the entrance is creatively design. I can really see that all the designer and artist put a lots of effort having this store open.

Love this fun drawing!

Our couple dinner selfie!

End my post with my super BIG head selfie!

For more details

Pipit Zakka Store

Time: 12pm ~ 6pm

11-2, Jalan Menara Gading 1,
Taman Connaught, 56000
KL Malaysia.

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