Hi guys back to short food post here again. This time will blog about 1 special Korean BBQ restaurant located just near my house. Is my first time to this place and I wanted to share it to all my readers out there. We went here for our dinner because darling boy saw this Korean BBQ restaurant is still new around the area. Hence he brings me here for dinner. I was quite surprise and feel the uniqueness of this Korean BBQ restaurant. The environment is super relax and comfortable. 

What do you guys see this plate as? It was actually a Rolling Crystal for BBQ!! We were astonished about how the BBQ actually works. This rolling crystal is quite heavy and they just leave it there on each of the table for BBQ purpose. 

Usually we saw Korean BBQ is suppose be like the photo below but is not!! First time I saw rolling crystal at a Korean BBQ restaurant. This whole new experience is quite fun for us lar. Because the rolling crystal can really do BBQ!! 

Let me show you how

Our set of 2 people. They don't really have a lots of meats variety to choose only left 五花肉 but in different taste. 

Here starts the interesting part. As usual, we need to heat up the rolling crystal for BBQ. Like BBQ Plaza they use pork oil to slightly creates oily surface for BBQ.

The amount of the oil is like super less!! There you go with all the yummy Slice Pork on top. 

After the BBQ was done, you can enjoy a super crispy and yummy Pork Slice. We slightly over BBQ the pork slice until it's so crispy lolol. But the overall taste is super nice!!

The rolling crystal actually is very eco-friendly because it does not have smoky smell of BBQ and yet you can enjoy BBQ. Besides that we can just use a very minimum of oil to cooked anything you wanted on this rolling crystal. Guess what is super easy to clean you don't have to soak the BBQ grill plate and wash it. Since it was made by crystal glass, you can just put water and use the BBQ cleaning tools and dirt is like super easy wash out already. We were quite stunned with the results because it was so convenient and easy to clean lol.

We have a Kimchi fried in the set also! The rice is ready for us but cook it again to heat up the rice. So we can enjoy a yummy and freshly cook Kimchi Fried Rice. Overall the taste is very appetite and taste great. What not so good about this restaurant is that does not provide small dish like any other Korean Restaurant. Next I will be showing you guys the interior design of this restaurant.

Many Cokes Drink Can as the design.

Love the design with simple but minimal effort puts in. Using wood and bricks only.

Another type of the rolling crystal.

The entrance is fulls with Polaroid photos of the happy customer here!

Many Shin Ramen is here too! How I love it, yummy~~

Beside table with seats, they even design a small corner for customer who like to sit on floor while enjoying BBQ session.

End my post with my darling boy sitting at our place! Hehe Love his cute pose and everything he do. Will back to this place soon and hope to try their other dishes such as noodles. But I always have this bad habit(maybe is not that bad) that is, when I eat some food that is very nice is that particular restaurant and when the next time we went that restaurant. I always order the same dish or food again lolol!! Don't know if some of you guys also have this same habit with me haha! Till then.

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