Hi peeps, I have few post about food is on my list! Hope that didn't bored you guys =D This time will blog about my food journey at Boat Noodle. As you guys know the power of websites is so powerful that. This small restaurant is quite famous among the instagram lol. So I am that kind of people that when some food is going on there, I would like to have to try it myself. I went to Boat Noodle last Saturday with my baby. This restaurant was at Empire damansara was newly open and just furnished. The building is still new also and was spread through the websites about the beautiful and colorful umbrella hanging up. They will change the color of the umbrella too, try your luck to see whether you can saw colorful umbrellas!

Actually we wanted to have a small shooting at there but I am working and reach there quite late. There are so many people there also and we didn't manage to do the shooting there. Since I mention it was pack with many people so do this restaurant. We saw people queuing up for their turn. We need to take number and wait for our turns. The time was 2:10pm we have number 65 and the on going number is just 30+ only. As you guys can see this restaurant is packed with customer lol. If you guys wanna try this make sure you be here early and try not over 3:00pm because they stop serving after that time during weekend.

But lucky us I think we just waited for 20 minutes and we get a good place just for two of us. Although I know many of the customer really waited for very long time, even hour lol. But I saw the owner of this restaurant keep apologizing to the customer who waited for long time on instagram. I know they have no intention to let customer wait also, who ask their restaurant is so FAMOUS! But I do hope they can improve on this as well, get a bigger place for more customer xD

1 cute signboard.

Signboard on the wall. Basically this place is very easy to eye on, when we just walked up the stairs then we saw this restaurant already.

Chopstick, spoon and order menu.

Their simple menu. Did you guys notice the price? It was just RM1.90 per bowl. Guess how much is the portion? Will let you guys see later xD

Wonder how the dessert looks like. We are both pandan lover!! So we order each different taste of Noodle for each of us total 8 bowls. Add on 1 bowl because I think the dry beef glass noodle taste the BEST!

The interior word design.

They even have this shown at the back of menu lol. I think to achieve that 30 bowl of the glass noodle you can jio few friends to come and challenge! =D

The dessert Thai Pandan (Ka-Nam Tuay). We were like serious shit why is so cute and warm lolol. Always have this mind set dessert should be cold and ice xD

Inside was pandan and the white layer is coconut I think. You can just finish in 2 or 3 bite. The taste was salty and sweet pandan taste! Usually thai food taste like this, I kinda love the taste but just that eat until not song enough lolol.

Ta-dang, there come our glass noodle!

Dry version of the glass noodle. Dry beef glass noodle have the beef taste that is very nice. The sauce and the zap is very appetite lol! If you really love beef a lot, their noodle with the sauce is your heaven! haha Not forget the glass noodle is super smooth!! I madly love the noodle taste and smoothness. What you guys think of the portion? Don't look down on it, both of us eat until very full after all the 9 bowl finished ==

Soup version of the glass noodle. I think this quite my favorite because you can taste the beef soup in more tasty way. Actually both dry and soup taste quite different. Baby say the soup is a bit lack of taste, but I think the soup is quite heavy taste lolol. Don't know is it the less soup and more soup differentiate haha. Honestly the beef is still better that the chicken! One thing I don't like about Thai food is they put mint leaves inside and I don't like the mint leaves taste lol. But I enjoy the taste of the noodle and the soup very much!!

We were full after we finished all. I manage to have 4 bowls and darling have 5 bowls. Guess what is not even above than RM20 lol. haha

One thing I love is the sauce of this is Squid Sauce( don't really know the English word ngek*) Is super delicious with this sauce and the noodle, perfectly mixed!!!!!!! If you just smell this sauce is actually smell smelly but if you add with the noodle is super nice~~ The taste is different and is more Awesome. You must put quite lot if you really wanted to mixed out the taste out =D


The bowls of the noodle is prepare already. The worker they just dip the noodle add some soup and its ready to serve! Since there are many customer, they have to be fast and efficient also. haha!

G3A, Heritage Lane, 
Empire Damansara, Damansara Perdana 47820

Tue - Fri: 12:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Sat - Sun: 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm, 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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