Hi guys, blog about foodie again!! This superb place we went is after the warehouse sale. I just noticed that at Jaya One there are many nice restaurant lol!! We can't really choose where should we have our lunch. Usually when I saw Korean or Japanese restaurant I will always told my baby lets eat Japanese food lar~ But my baby will like you seriously haha! Ended up he say this Coconut House have a nice environment for us to enjoy our lunch.

When I step into this restaurant surprisingly the environment was very nice and relaxing. I will show you guys the interior design of this restaurant. 

The outside of the restaurant. Super natural small forest feel as you can see.

Their plants is really so green and well taken care!! 

The tables and chairs.

The entrance for the restaurant.

Saw these 3 cute Ziraffee and remind me that my house also got these three! Make my house become Africa lol

They even have handmade pies and cake to serve!

Asking my baby to act cool and relaxing in this restaurant. There he goes with this pose, super cute right!?

There is these seat place for bar lover. To come chill and have some coffee instead of beer lolol. Hahas!

The upper design of the bar area. Omg! Look what I saw wine glass~

Since is lunch time. Both of us order spaghetti for lunch. They have pizza and some steaks to serve as well. They have lunch set serve also. But the menu didn't have what we like so we order spaghetti. This is Olive, Lemon& Homemade Bacon RM18.90. They have black olive, lemon juice, homemade bacon and Italian parsley. I actually love fettuccine more compare to spaghetti noodle. I love to try different of noodle taste.

Baby spaghetti that is Meatball Spaghetti (pork) Rm16.90. They have homemade herbs meatball( Pork Mince, Herbs, mushroom and homemade bacon). They have many homemade meats and bacons. I find that that is very healthy to eat. We can maintain our healthy lifestyle while enjoying food!! This spaghetti is very appetize compare to mine. The meatball have a really nice taste too!!

Not forget that I always order mushroom soup. Cream Mushroom is delicious. Super full and yummy!!

More photos of the interior design.

Loves the seats. The wall brick is super antique and village feel.

There is this super huge mirror wall here give the illusion of that this restaurant was quite big.

Many wooden piles here.

This restaurants have this specialty that cooked by traditional method by using woods. To roast the pizza and some other snack also. Baby say that we should have order 1 pizza to try the cooking lol.

The walls design with many paintings. Overall I really love this small restaurant. The environment is super comfy and they have all the classic song playing also. My baby loves all these classic english song. So this is quite a nice place for chilling and enjoying tea time with friends. Hope to try the traditional Pizza baking using woods lol!! While we are enjoying lunch, there is this TV shows about Coconut House history. We were very proud and happy to enjoy our lunch at Coconut House. Till then.

Coconut House

Block D, Jaya One, 
Petaling Jaya.

Tel: 03-7931-9998

Open daily through at least 11pm.

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