Adidas Blogger Cup Q1

Thursday, May 29, 2014 in
Hi guys, I'm invited to be a part of Adidas Blogger cup. Adidas is hosting a competition related to FIFA World Cup that is the Adidas Blogger Cup. To celebrate the event of the summer in Brazil, Adidas is running a quiz competition for bloggers and readers. But firstly I'm gonna teach you guys how to enter this awesome competition and win some goodies for yourself!! If you are a huge fan of Adidas this is a good chance for you to win Adidas Jerseys back home. Here some simple steps to join this and win the jerseys!!

Btw I'm proud to be in #adidasBloggerCup

1) You have to answer total of 8 question in the blog entry post you participate. I will update each question on Thursday and Tuesday until the contest end on June 24th 2014.

2) Each question are given 5 days to answer.

3) Don't afraid of the question because it's gonna be super easy! Because I'm giving you guys some clue on to answer the question.

4)  Please ask many of your friends to join this #adidasbloggercup at my blog. Who knows you might be the lucky one to walk home with one(1) world cup jersey from the adidas e-commerce store. 

Clue No #1 The answer to Question 1 is located behind the Germany jersey. Click on the link on the picture above, finger crossed**

Click HERE to answer

Lastly, you guys just need to submit your answer on the apps above and my blog name will be Good lucks to you guys! Tchau and see you guys soon on next Tuesday. 

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