Tea Time at Caffe Bene

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Yeah, continue my tea time at Caffe Bene after Uncle Jang. We decided to come here because since Caffe Bene is near why don't we came here for our 2nd round of gathering. Is my second time visit to Caffe Bene if you have been reading my blog. This time I hope to try their snack. I heard that their Waffle is quite nice also! So this time we have order 2 waffle, 2 bingsu and drinks for ownself. Amanda introduce their Green Tea latte for us since we didn't try out their drinks last time.

All the waffle choices show at the counter. Guess which one is the nicest? Btw We choose Tiramisu and Choco Nuts flavor.


I recommend the Green Tea Bingsu and we choose another is the Pat Bingsu(original).

Pat Bingsu. I find the taste is quite refreshing too. The topping is the muachi and red bean paste. Overall is with nuts and almond chips. The taste is not too sweet as well. 

Green Tea bingsu!

Menu Board

Gentle Reminder.

The Big clock again!

They are selling tumbler as well. 

They are using Gelato ice-cream, yummy!

Love the door handle design.

Our Green Tea Latte Large. I think their size is quite limited, if you order a regular size it will be smaller than this okay. So I think if you meant to have a nice and enjoyable drink is advise to order a large drink for yourself. This drink I personally think is still okay, too many ice already. But taste is still nice since I love green tea drink! =D

Our Choco Nuts waffle. Happen to be not so many nuts LOL == haha. But the taste is quite chocolaty and I love the chocolate chips~~nom nom

Tiramisu Waffle. This was absolutely yummy waffle! The tiramisu ice-cream is so nice~ The combination of this both is just too awesome. The sweet tiramisu and the crunchiness of the waffle. Definitely a must try for waffle~

Both our waffle.

Cheesy Toast Bread. 

Own selfie.

With Michelle Dearie.

My Baby.

My girl friends!!

Till Then.

My 1st time at Caffe Benne

Caffe Bene

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