Hey peeps, I start to think did I blog for myself or just to let you guys outside read my life all about. Although I do hope that many people out there can read my blog post. But some how I come to a point what is my purpose of writing blog? Slowly I think the purpose is actually only for myself, feel so selfish lol. I start to get back that I actually loves to write my life story as a online diary last time. I blog about my life and slowly I tried to blog about food and my outfit coordinate. People tend to forget what their purpose of their life? Purpose of study, of work of blogging of cause. When you forget the purpose and everything feel like is a WORK for them that I should to do that because I need money lolol.

But heyyy I still love photograph a lot. No matter in taking photos and be in the photo. Why I do that because I wanted to share to you guys what I experience and what I see in my life. All these photos is a remembrance for me. These photos help me keep my memory on that particular day because everyday I experience happiness and I met many new friends and people when I attend event. So my purpose of writing out my every post is that I hope to share my happiness to you guys~~~ and I still keep my blog as my online diary and when I am getting old I can still read back my life all about lolol. 

I can't live without music and I get to use of hearing music on my blog. So I decided to put back music for my blog. But I lack of having some nice English music for my blog. So if you guys have any nice English song please do let me know so that I can hear and I will put it on my blog lol. hahas! I am thinking of upgrading my camera to a better camera as well. Still searching and haven't really hand on the ZR1200 that I want.

Back to my post today, will going to show you guys what have I really done on the 26th of April. I went to the last week of the Twenty3 Warehouse located at the Pop, Jaya One. I went there during lunch time. Their warehouse sale has been here for the whole month of April and I wanted to visit their warehouse before they ended this Bazaar. The Pop is a new building good for event and if you want to sell your online cloths the place would be suitable for you too! 

Selfie at home. Today was trying to have a natural look without any eyeliner. Just wearing contact lens with my long fringe tie up.

If you take a photo with this Dorinku Drinks and tag along their facebook page you can get 1 free Dorinku Drinks! This is my selfie with my drink!

You can get yourself 2 garments of cloths from Twenty3 in RM65, 4 for RM100 and 10 for RM200. Guess how much I bought on that day? Just RM100 only lar, I just 1 Polka dress for work, 1 red dress that babe want me to wear, 1 Polka top and Short set, and 1 Flower dress for casual and dating wear.

Beside having their warehouse sale. They even bring their new arrival to the warehouse sale also. 


They are also some others online boutique selling their goods at The Pop too! I just took some photos of the goods that I really like, such as accessories lol!! haha

The Pop is quite spacious and the whole row is open with many other online boutique.

Saw a mirror so we stop by for a selfie.

Accessories again! Sorry because recently fall in love with accessories and guess what Itsy Beadsy accessories is quite cheap also lol! If you go to Vincci Accessories their accessories will be RM50+ for some beads necklace.

Then you guys guess how much this super PASTEL necklace!(sorry for the color) is just RM29.90!!! I was like I should buy this because I always want to have this kind of necklace. Now I am still looking for lavender color beads necklace that are affordable. But I bump into Pree Brulee their necklace is very much pretty but quite expensive to MYR T_T

Saw this Heart Shape Rose perfect for Mother's Day!

Beside from Twenty3 Warehouse Sale. They are some blogger such as, Audrey, Juwei Teoh, Yumi Wong, Bobo sellings their pre loved clothes as well! I just got to take some photos with Povy Teng.

And Pretty Bobo Stephanie!!

Next after the warehouse we are here at Sunway Pyramid!! Why am I here because am gonna meet with super pretty Lumi for getting my winning Kose Mask from her, yeah! First time meeting her is kinda nervous lolol, because she is so amazing and pretty ma. haha! But somehow she is super friendly and really sorry because let her wait for me. 

A selfie and a photo with Pretty Lumi! As you can see she is also a petite like me so cute! haha Happy to see her in person and hope can met her again.

We are here at Caffe Bene this Cafe is still new here at Sunway Pyramid. When we are here, the crowds is pack and many people are lining up waiting for seats. We line up for around 20 minutes. We order two bingsu, Green Tea Bingsu and Strawberry Bingsu. Our turn to sit down and wait for our dessert.

Saw this super huge antique clock on the wall, just like The Alice in Wonderland.

Another is the Caffe Bene sign.

Sorry #firstletmetakeaselfie

Finally the Green Tea Bingsu is here!!

Strawberry Bingsu.

Photo with these 2 Bingsu.

Wow, feel like want to eat right away. For my opinion. Green Tea Bingsu is the Best lol! The layer of this Bingsu is super nice not too sweet! With many nuts and the green tea still taste great. As for the strawberry is just too sweet and all you can taste is sweet ice lol. Haha! But the size of this Bingsu is amazing HUGE lol, usually they share together with 2 friends. But greedy me wanted to taste these 2 bingsu at one time so we order 1 bingsu for each of us xD

Selfie with the flower sun glasses that I saw at Padini.

Lastly end my post with our couple selfie, sorry if this bothering you guys. I still remember that last time I always post photos of me and my darling boy on my blog. Haha! Now I think kinda less already, but still our love is still the same never change. We do argue and have different opinion sometimes. But I always feel loved and thankful that I found a perfect guy in my life who are love me, care for me and treat me like a princess. He can be funny and cute at the same time still will protect me when ever I need him =D haha!

I hope to taste snack and some toast from Caffe Bene, hear that Solaris has 1 of their cafe as well! The place is very spacious compare to the branch that Sunway Pyramid has, haha. So maybe next round can go there with my friends to try their other specialty too!

Caffe Bene

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