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Hi peeps, back to food post again. This time we go for Korean Food. I think many of yoy guys have heard Uncle Jang before already right? This Korean restaurant is once famous and everyone will went to taste their cooking and sauce. I always have known this restaurant and wanted to try very long time ago. But I never tried before lol, somehow there are many Korean restaurant in my neighbourhood already. 

This time I finally have the chance to taste it! I really didn't know that Uncle Jang located at Solaris area as well. So the place is not that far and you can enjoy Uncle Jang. Is better to ask few friends along because their food portion is quite big also. At Uncle Jang, you can only enjoy their famous Dak-Galbi dish. This is their specialty in their restaurant. Besides that, they just provide some Korean soup. Don't you guys will feel that why does their menu only have Dak-Galbi, because once you eat it then you understand why! haha

Their menu, you will need to choose how many portion of Dak-Galbi you wanted to eat(minimum 2 portion). Next you choose how spicy you want and you mixed up the flavour as well. Lastly, you choose add on for your Dak-Galbi. 

What is actually Dak-Galbi? 

Dak galbi, also romanized dalk galbi, is a popular Korean dish generally made by stir-frying marinated diced chicken in a gochujang based sauce, and sliced cabbage, sweet potato, scallions, onions, perilla leaves, and cook together on a hot plate (From wikipedia)

Mainly their marinated sauce is the key of Dak-Galbi. The add on usually we will order rice or ramen for a proper lunch. If you just wanna eat it with the meat and dishes then just let it. We order 3 portion for each 4 of us and 2 ramen add on. Since not many of us can eat spicy we go on with a original taste. One tips to tell you guys usually Korean love spicy taste, their original is already spicy and if you wanna to try less spicy means is a bit spicy and for spicy it will be very spicy!! This facts is based on my own experience.

Couple Selfie #1

Take different view of our non-cooked Dak-Galbi. At first you will notice that the portion of cabbage is too many and the meat so less.

Their staff will cook for you so you no need worry whether the hot plate is too hot lol.

Fresh vegetables! When you see this kind of vegetable you'll know that Uncle Jang provide high class vege for customer xD

Cooking in progress!

Ta-dang, the outcome! With ramen, If you guys love Korean Food then you guys will know the famous Shin Ramen and this is the ramen they gonna cook in our Dak-Galbi. I love the ramen so much~~ So full and yummy when you see this photo. I feel hungry already when I'm writing this post 

The taste of this Dak-Galbi is just awesome!! Lucky we order original because our plate is quite spicy already == The table of my friend is not that spicy though. Maybe the staff see we here got 3 猛男then he thought that they can eat spicy but turns out they can't lolol. The meat is so fresh with the cabbage inside. The sauce is very appetizing! I can't stop eating when I start to eat. The rice cake is so yummy and soft. Overall is 9/10. Very full and satisfying lunch for me =D I will be here again~~

Some Interior design of the shop =D

Got looks like KFC boh? haha

Love this Paint =D

Menu on the wall.

Uncle Jang signboard.

Coupleselfie #2

Coupleselfie #3

My opposite opponent xD

Diong's sista and brota~

Thanks the staff helps us take this group photo

The other table gang beside us =D

Thanks Wayne for this lovely photo xD

Me with the Dak-Galbi. Do you guys notice the apron? It is provided at Uncle Jang. To prevent the smoke go into our cloths and got the smoke smell. It is to encourage to wear it to protect your cloths from the smoke lar. Because I can tell you guys the smoke is really quite big. One thing we face is the place is quite hot, I think because with this kind of cooking the place can't be fully in an air conditioning space also. Wear simple and casual as possible then it will be good. I will continue my next post on Caffe Bene again xD Till Then.

Uncle Jang

Solaris Branch
11-3, Solaris 1, Solaris Mont kiara 

Puchong Branch
No,1-1, Jalan Puteri 1/7, Bandar Puteri, Puchong


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