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Hi my lovelies, just back from a camp that organize by my company to student. It was very very tiring because we have to take care of the students and can't really have a good rest. I am having period too during the babysitter time. My mentally and physical is really such toturting for me la. The weather is very hot also since many of our activities is outdoor. About the accomodation is just a lil of dirty lil of messy because the area is surround by jungle. There are many flying insect, moths and bees. But we have no choice just close one eyes and continue on our stuff, lolol. After this 1st round of camp I have 2nd round of babysitting also T.T Please bless me ya!!

Back to my post, if you guys have read my previous shooting post. Mostly my make up that I was using is from 3CE product. I have review some of 3CE product too. Recently I got myself a primer and a brown sharp eyeliner from 3CE too! I actually aim their primer for quite some time because I was looking a good primer for myself. When I saw 3CE has this primer and I choose Violet immediately because is my favorite color. But nevertheless its gives me a perfect coverage look too! I shall show you the photos ya. 

Sorry we'll start off with my selfie with my new make up product.

One thing I like is they are skin tone control primer. This primer will act and give you the coverage according to your skin tone. This Primer comes with 3 different color that is Mild Peach, Ice Vanilla, and Pure Violet. 

Pure Violet - The Soft Violet gives a natural, bright, clean looking skin.
Mild Peach - Mild Peach color will brighten up yellow toned skin while leaving a youthful and clean skin tone. Its also control the oil while helping makeup last longer.
Ice Vanilla - This clean vanilla color will reduce red spots while leaving a youthful and clean skin tone. Its also control the oil while helping makeup last longer.

I totally fall in love with the color because so pastel and violet. I choose this color because I wish to have a more natural looking skin. It has brightening effect provide us a clean and clear skin too. Most of their skin tone control primer is based on skin of Asian because mostly Asian have yellow toned skin and easily have red spot when our face exposed to sun as well! I think 3CE is very thoughtful and their primer is very suitable for Asian skin too!

Time to try on my skin.

I can feel my skin more moisture and brighten after the primer. 

Next will be my BB Cream from Garnier.

After apply my BB Cream. This BB crean is very moisture and non sticky at all ya.

About the eyeliner I always want a brown eyeliner for myself to have a more natural look. When I scroll through 3CE product and I saw this quickly I decided to buy for myself. Since it is a pen eyeliner it will be super easy to apply. I always aim for fast and quick make up so this will be a perfect eyeliner tools for me.

Color of the eyeliner.

The color is not that sharp or dark. But overall is more to nature brown color.

Look on my both eyes.

Another product that I love from 3CE this Shimmer Glow Bloc can put as Bronze or Blusher or even Highlight for your overall look. =D

3ce Shimmer Glow Bloc RM109 to RM77

The color of this bloc is very nice. Its contain Terra-Cotta Technology bloc color that is the shimmer color to brings out the 3D look of the make up. Pearlescent Pearl Effect, to give the shiny pearl effect but yet to brings out the healthy skin look. Multi Color Wear effect using natural powder and color to make the make up stay longer. Soft Focus Effect Powder to cover our blemish of our face and wrinkle too! You can have a perfect 3D flawless look with just a little soft apply on face.

Pink Boom lip lacquer that I bought it from Novela, you can read the post here. I don't always use this color because this color is quite striking as well. But since my make up overall is more to nature look. I decided to spice up my look with this lip lacquer. =D This lip lacquer is a bit dry after you apply you can apply a coat of lip balm before you apply this lip lacquer so that the color is more moisture and more long lasting. Lastly I'm gonna spam my selfie of my make up =D

Thats all with my selfie with my make up of the day. I love how the highlight make my face look slim and the lip lacquer spice up my whole make up look. I kinda regret because forget to bring my loose powder for a more long lasting make up also! Nevertheless I also mad love my wavy mermaid hair too although I didn't bring hair spray during the shooting and it doesn't last long. Hope you guys love my review on the 3CE product! For more of my shooting photo you can visit to my post here


Till Then.

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