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Hi peeps, please do continue support #adidasBloggerCup at my blog ya! Due to some problem the question is post up late but don't worry we will continue to with the question posted up. Just got back from another camp yesterday. The competition is so happenning that the winner for Question 1 and 2 winner is up. But don't worry we got total of 8 question and you still have the chance to be the winner as well! To all my lovely readers, the promo code for question one is out!You will received email and ONE lucky reader is selected to receive a special prize too :)

Good luck peeps =D The world cup will be start at 24 hours time don't you guys feel excited!!CHEERS~~

Simple steps to join:

1) You have to answer total of 8 question in the blog entry post you participate. I will update each question on Thursday and Tuesday until the contest end on June 24th 2014.

2) Each question are given 5 days to answer.

3) Don't afraid of the question because it's gonna be super easy! Because I'm giving you guys some clue on to answer the question.

4)  Please ask as many of your friends to join this #adidasbloggercup at my blog. Who knows you might be the lucky one to walk home with one(1) world cup jersey from the adidas e-commerce store.

Question 4 - Which two national teams are missing from the line-up?

Please remember that everyone who answers correctly wins a promo code for the adidas e-commerce store! Here comes the clue for Question no.4

One country begins with the letter J (5 letter name) and the other is ME (6 letter name) *Click on the picture link, finger crossed**

Lastly, you guys just need to submit your answer on the apps above and my blog name will be Good lucks to you guys! Tchau and see you guys soon on tomorrow for Question 5. 

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