Adidas Blogger Cup Q8 ( FINAL)

Wednesday, June 25, 2014 in
Hola, to all the football fans~~ #adidasBloggerCup is coming to an end~~ Today I will post up the last Question 8 on my blog. Thanks for all the support that my lovely friend whom answer all the question, really appreciate a lot! I want to thanks I have this opportunity to join this wonderful event by Adidas. Congrats to the 16 teams who march up to the second stage of Fifa world Cup. Each of the match is getting nervous and excited! Good luck for all 

The Last Question for #adidasBloggerCup Question 8

Simple steps to join:

1) You have to answer total of 8 question in the blog entry post you participate. I will update each question on Thursday and Tuesday until the contest end on June 24th 2014.

2) Each question are given 5 days to answer.

3) Don't afraid of the question because it's gonna be super easy! Because I'm giving you guys some clue on to answer the question.

4)  Please ask as many of your friends to join this #adidasbloggercup at my blog. Who knows you might be the lucky one to walk home with one(1) world cup jersey from the adidas e-commerce store.

Question 8 - Which player scored his 15th World Cup goal in Brazil?

The answer is about the man in the video = Mi_ _ _l_v  K_ _ _e 
Just fill in the blanks and you will get the answer!! 

The video does not provide the name*

This is our leaderboard for each readers join our event! My blog is on the rank 13. I appreciate everyone participate and thanks for everything peeps~~

Lastly, summit your answer at the apps above and my blog name is Tchau guys and see you guys soon. Till then.

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