Batman 75th Anniversary

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Morning peeps, am back from another camp. This time the insect has conquered my hand and leg mostly. The itchiness is really can't be describe but have to stop myself to scratch it also. I hate the insects because is EVERYWHERE. Although this time is a bit relax for me but still the sleeping time I can say that I did not sleep well on the camp. Anyway I am back and have few post to do and hope you guys can keep reading my blog! Mostly the person who sacrifice a lot for me in this camp is my Baby because I was super tired and he is so caring and taking care of me. Love him so much!

During the last weekend, we went to Pavilion and we have witness Batman celebrate their 75th anniversary at Pavilion! When I was there I was quite excited and didn't know that Batman has already 75th years old already. I haven't born yet on that era, lolol. Time passes so fast and 75th year of Batman has arrived! Dc comics have Batman celebration at Pavilion, you guys can saw many Batman figurine from DC comics too. Although I am not a huge fan of Batman but is not harm of joining the fun! haha

You guys can saw the Batman vehicle in the main door of the entrance.


Batman figurine.

The eyes is looking at you...opps

Batman Comic has start at the era of 1940s!

You can have a chance to own a BSN Batman Debit Card.

The latest movie character and vehicle.

Many many many of Batman figurine.

Muscular Batman xD

All the Bad Guys in the Batman comics.

The Joker.

Batgirl in the comics. But haven't appear in movie yet maybe is yet to be appear?


Batman once in the darkness.

Robin. Should be out on the next movie..winks***

More of the evil character.

Love the Batman Guitar.

This is the hologram of the Batman cartoon. You can see some of the preview outside the TV screen. The animated have been draw until so nice and real. I can't found it on YouTube also. You can get free ticket to watch the BATMAN Hologram by signing up BSN VISA card.

Me and Mr Batman.

Batman Merchandise corner.

Photo corner with Batman.

The Batman car looks so cool and real lol, thumbs up*

PS game available too! The graphic is so nice makes me wanna play PS again, haha. There will be a Batman Character cosplay at 2pm also. But I didn't really went and see. We back to Pavilion around 3:30pm after lunch. We saw some of the cosplay Character and it was quite cool to see the cosplay. 


I love how she brings out the character of Two Faced in female! I keep stare on her make up and wonder how she manage to style the look.

Joker is on the list as well!! I didn't join the crowd near the stage because it was quite pack with many people already. I just managed to catch up with these 3 characters.

Selfie on my baby chest.

Come and join Tokidoki at Fahrenheit 88 as well! =D

So cute!

Merchandise is available as well!

Too cute and evil to resist! haha

End my weekend date post with my #sharonootd. Hello Kitty top from Toptownshop. Yes! There start to sell cloths online also. Its very nice and high quality also, so don't forget to visit here!! When I saw the top I fall in love with it straight away and decided to bring it back home. Can't imagine how many Hello Kitty top I have bought it home, hoho! We back home around 4pm+ and ready for wedding dinner to attend. Oh ya, as you guys seen on my photo or facebook I have already cut off my hair color. Because.............I was lazy to tie my hair to work although my mum say that I look good and more neat when I tie my hair to bun to work! But come on, I still prefer to have more relax and healthy hair to work. It is still easy to manage and I will have a hair make over end of the year again, haha! 

I can't be thankful enough to have you in my life, my love, my companion, my baby. 

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