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Hi lovelies, blog about food post today. This really cute shop that I found was located at 1 Utama. But before I continue with the food post we been there because The Butterfly Malaysia is having a movie at there watching How to train your dragon 2. I been wanted to watch this movie because I love Toothless he is so cute and I am in love with it!! So this is a must watch movie for all of you guys~ You can bring your daddy and mummy to watch this great movie because the love of parents inside this movie is very touching. I cry***

Our movie access ticket by Shizens, thanks Shizens =D

Found this Toothless picture outside the hall.

Happy me with free drinks and popcorn as well =D

Meet 1 of my Butterfly friends too! 

This movie is really awesome! I heard from Facebook that this movie has a lots of great review and true is it. The whole movie story line is very meaningful and good for children nowadays. Is very touching even make me cry* Toothless is too cute resist!! He got this cute human nature like a pet, if I could own a dragon then I could fly to anywhere I want to be, it will super cool right~haha! Toothless is such an awesome dragon and pet if it is real in life

One touching song that I love =D

Back to my food post, this time will share to you guys a bout 1 new restaurant at 1 Utama. We didn't always discuss about what we eat or which restaurant we should go. We always wandering around and look for some new restaurant that capture our appetite! We found this cute little shop and saw it quite interesting with their food they selling. We just went in and decide to try on their specialty. I will tell you guys more about this restaurant from the photos below =D

Its KyoChon!! Sounds Korean right.

Their quote - Chicken like you've never had before. 

Menu time. Kyo Chon is specialty in Fried Chicken. Kyo Chon is from the South Korea. If you watch the 来自星星的你, you'll know that korean loves to order fried chicken for delivery and with beer!! So Kyo Chon open since 1991, and been expand their franchise through nation wide. They finally come to Malaysia since last year. If you are a huge fan of Korean, you can come and try the taste of their fried chicken!

Original Soy series.

Red Series.

Honey Series.

Salsa Series.

Do you guys saw what I saw? yes!! Is Lee Min Ho with Kyo Chon~~

Their wall is design with all their Kyo Chon history and their promises to customer. You can see that Kyo Chon is very thoughtful and promises to serve the best to customers.

Counter and Kitchen behind.

Saw Super Junior Signature on the table.

You will saw Lee Min Ho portrait board before you went it.


Appetite dish that least my favorite because I don't like food that are very sour, lol.

I order Soy Original Series, to try on their original taste. You can add on RM1 for Korean Butter rice. I guess why not!? The rice has a very nice fragrance taste of the butter and together with the chicken, is taste AWESOME!! I really don't know how to describe the taste, but I really love it a lot and its really addicting because of the taste and crispiness!! 

I order wings for a smaller kind of chicken. 

The bite and chicken portion is small but trust me you wouldn't wanted to eat that fast. The portion suitable for girls and ladies. Nice!!

The Drumstick set by my darling. Is the normal drumstick part and we order the original taste since My darling afraid that the Red series will be too spicy for him. Although he did regret and said that we should order 2 different taste. haha! This kind of fried chicken you can't really taste it from other places and the taste is irresistible! Super yummy!!

Me and the delicious wing drumstick xD

Salsa Strips Small(5 pieces) RM10.90 , we order 1 flavor is Salsa series. The outer is crispy with rice batter, overall the taste can't be tastier than the original taste. But the chicken breast is very juicy and satisfy for chicken breast lover. The meat is a big portion and for someone like me surely can't finish it lol. I feel that the rice batter taste weird maybe because I not used with the taste. I prefer original taste!yum~~


LG 311, Lower Ground Floor,
One Utama Shopping Centre, No1, 
Persiaran Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama, 
47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan.

My #sharonootd of the day. 

The little pony sweater from Cottonon
Pink Gingham skirt from Nineteen89boutique
White Heels from Candicedressing

Till then.

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