Hi guys a short food post at my blog. This place we didn't plan it because we just wanted to find a place for dinner. I suggest let's go Solaris to find a nice places for dinner. When we are here, I immediately thought of this place because last time we are here this place is pack so we didn't manage to enjoy our coffee and dessert here. Although we also afraid that Lewis Gene does not provide dinner for customer. But I told darling that I will have some light dinner will be enough.

They have pasta for dinner, so my darling order one Bolognese pasta and I just have 1 cake and mushroom soup. The drinks we order Champagne rose tea and Macchiato. I shall start with the interior design of Lewis Gene. This small cafe actually is on the second floor, above Chilla Cup. This cafe is not a big cafe but is full of deco and coffee lover. If you guys really wanted to try some of their coffee and dessert be sure to be here early because the seats will be full from 9pm onwards. 

View from our seat.

Sofa seat.

They do sell coffee machine if anyone interested =D

Marshmallow, cookies and almond brittle with coffee!!

You need to order food and drinks and the counter for their menu is on the board. 

Cakes, there are more cake on the other side.

Cute deco.

Beef Bolognese pasta RM17++ The tomato in the dish is not much, but the taste is there. The cheese, beef and tomatoes will be nice if you mixed even the taste. The beef is freshly minced and I quite love their pasta that are not over taste, but the sauce taste is just alright.

Macchiato RM6.90  Love the coffee art? A face of a girl, is that me xD


Vanilla Crepe Cake RM14.90 Whenever we are at a new place for dining we will ask what's their signature cake or food? And usually we will choose and order. But if you had tried crepe cake from Nadeje or Dreamz Bakery. Then Lewis Gene crepe cake is just taste average. Too much cream and can't taste the crepe much. I think the other than crepe cake maybe you can tried their other cake that I didn't take photo of them!

Mushroom Cream soup. Forget the price~ Still the taste is not that I expect, but I love the garlic bread taste nice! 

Couple Selfie is a must! wahaha.

Guess who I met at Lewis Gene. It's Jessica Chaw. I always wanted to meet her in real person. Although I just start to follow her last year. Is such a fate that I finally have the chance to meet her!! Can't say how happy and excited when I saw her with her friends at Lewis Gene. I am quite nervous lar and not really dare to straight approach her. But I manage to have a photo with her!! She's such a sweetie and nice when I wanted to take photo with her.Until now I can't believe I already meet Jessica Chaw !! 

Outside design.


Is on the first floor!

Love this amazing chalk drawing outside.

Glass dripping Coffee.

Lewis Gene

Till then.

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