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Hi guys, today post is about some DIY gift stuff that I make for my baby boy for our 2nd Year Annivesary pressie. I think I got this quite some time and don't have time really spend into this. But when I do done some part before I continue do it during night time and sacrifice my sleep for 3 nights and finally is done!! During the process of doing it, is quite happy and satisfied because the outcome is very nice. 

Since is a Anniversary present I keep secret to my darling as well. Although I feel kinda frustrated during the making process. I manage to done all before our anniversary night and I really can't wait to let him see, haha! Don't be too surprise if you guys see the outcome because it is not easy as you see and thought. After I done this I did tell myself that this my last time DIY such a small DIY. Because it is really very difficult! I keep told my baby how hard I done this and wanted to get cuddled by him la. Since I really put a lot of effort doing it =D Sadly the one thing I miss it is I forget where online shop I bought from T_T But I know that Taobao have all the DIY cute stuff you can search for it if you guys interesting in DIY stuff for your loves one.

Picture time!!

This is a little buoy. I swear it is not that easy that you think. I have stick the wire to circle for like 10 to 20 minutes just that 1 buoy!!==

This is my one favorite cute furniture that I heart. Cute sofass.

Some beach accessorries, boat, chair and small hut.

Another cute furniture, bed and the make up table. I love how the cute mirror and bed though. 

Add on table at the middle of the sofa as a living hall table. Please ignore the size of the "plant"**

The house outer part. I did it straight away after Ì got the DIY. 

Another view of the house. Very Beach and Relax feel because of the house in blue and white color.

Next is the setting up and the coconut tree!! The leaves has cause me eye and back pain by cutting it one by one. See the cute little coconut or not!? Haha xD

The sand in this big round glass.

I actually mess up the steps a little bit suppose to have the coconut tree first.

Oh ya, the house has a small support too! Like the rumah tinggi house =D

Done with the base!

Next is the house.

Is still empty. The last part is to put all the tiny furniture inside the house.

The upper floor is the bedroom. We have bed, make up corner and one little cute sofa.

Love it?

Next is the living hall part, with sofa, table and fire place. The buoy is act add some spice up accessories. 

The final! How was it? Cute and nice enough =) The small sea shell is provided too!!

The box.

Box view.

The booklet provided steps to do.

The real design.

A small video of how the booklet steps look like. It's very easy to understand but difficult to do. The difficult part is the sticking and waiting to dry part. The glue they provided is the art glue that doesn't stick on while you combine the parts. All you do is wait, for me is not possible to do it one day because every part before you continue you need to have it dry only you can continue on(The house part). For the furniture part I decided to use Uhu Glue because it dry fast and stick strong enough. The buoy part is really torturing me T.T I don't know if I have the patience to do this kind of DIY anymore~~~~haha!

The whole process really do need alot alots of patience and endurness. Haha! You can say that I done it because of The Power of Love, lolol! If without my baby continuos love, I think I will be giving up lol. I know I didn't do it 100% perfect from the original but I do it 100% love from my heart. Hope you can feel it and receive it!! Thanks for loving me and peeps wait for my Anniversary post ya!! wink***

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