Hi peeps, finally back to food post once again! haha After the camp lucky me got 1 day off so that I can rest and have some good time together with my darling boy. The scar of the mosquito bites really hurt me alot since I love my leg so much T.T I can't do anything also but just let it recover itself. This day of leave we decided to have some good lunch and relaxing day. As a japanese food lover, I always craving for sushi and salmon. This time we went Damansara for some food searching to eat. Since my darling is still working we just have lunch together and spend the rest of our days.

Sozo Japanese Cuisine @ Kota Damansara. This cuisine is a bit of Asian and Japanese food cooking.

Interior Design. The crowd was less since we went there around 2pm.

You can see a lots of Japanese Rice wine put beside the wall as a decorating. I never tried japan rice wine before and I think the taste should be quite thrilling xD

Love this piece of art of the wall decorating.

创 in English means to create.

The Chef's Special 日本中华料理 and yummy Don and Kushi to eat!

We actually order set lunch and add on some yummy dishes to eat! This is their appetite vege, is sour and spicy. I didn't ate much since is very sour lolol.

Is Ikura Chawanmushi RM12.90, never know that Salmon Ikura can be in this dish too! Is my first try and the taste is amazing. I always admire and love Salmon Ikura because of the Q ness and cuteness when you eat it. Its just pop the fragrance and salmon roe taste in your mouth. I always love qq taste food in my food dictionary. You can see they are really a lots of salmon ikura in this Chawanmushi. Is a bit salty taste because salmon Ikura already taste salty with the egg as well. For me is still okay and delicious to eat, is a must to try if you visit Sozo.

Ikura Salmon Aburi RM15.90 Of cause Salmon sushi is a must for me everytime I go to Japanese Restaurant. I choose this basically because of the Ikura. Anyway this sushi is quite satisfied as a Salmon lover for me. I always find that when u eat salmon if it was melting straight away in your mouth. It was quite addicting lol.

Negi Ramen RM13.90. Baby favorite ramen. The soup is very appetizing and I really love it. The pork meat is very Q and really very chewy.

Salmon Shioyaki Set RM17.90 Another Salmon set for me. I really can't be bored of eating Salmon. After eating some raw and half raw salmon, now am eating a grill salmon. Stil the freshness of the Salmon still remain, super juicy.

Their specialty sauce, but didn't try it. =)

Lastly end my food post with our cute couple selfie. I am wearing starbucks sweater top that day. I'm thankful that I got my baby accompany for me to enjoy a wonderful lunch. I have some shopping there too!! The clothes from the shop is one of a kind so I will share it out with you guys! Till then.

Sozo, Japanese Cuisine
Sunway Giza Mall, No 2,
Jalan PJU 5/14
Petaling Jaya, Selangor

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