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Hi guys, another food post is up on my blog! This time will blog about steamboat style food. Is a new restaurant at my house area, I always heard about this restaurant name but never had a chance to dine in because is not a shop that you can always notice. Because is still a new restaurant in our area, we decided to head over and try out. I kinda love my neighborhood more and more because many good food restaurant keep open. I think is good for us since we can have more food choice to choose.

This restaurant always pack with people. I not sure whether because this shop is still new or it is really very delicious. As usual we are here at Monday, is around 6:30pm and the place is already quite full with customer lol. The crowd keep coming in to dinner as well. This restaurant is very easy to be notice is the same row with Tong Pak Fu and the restaurant has a very big word 有骨气. That will be the Chinese name of this restaurant.

Interior Design with many sakura flower. The light is actually quite bright but don't know why it turns out a bit dim. xD

Our plate set.

Our menu. It say they know the most important dish for steamboat is the soup. They always use the freshest pork bone to boil the soup for almost 8 hours per day to make sure they serve the best steamboat for customer.

Their soup of the choice. We choose their Signature Pork Bone Broth RM15. Not sure how the other soup taste will taste, but definitely won't be disappoint!

Here's come our soup. When the soup served, you can smell the nice and fresh smell of the soup. Basically you can already smell it when you step into the restaurant lol. haha!

This is how big the Pork bone are in almost the soup they served.

Our order. 金针菇, my favorite!

This is the Cheese Ball!! RM6.80 Super yummy that I won't lie to you~ Is really been my first time to ever try this, the cheese inside the mozzarella cheese, is not other cheap cheese inside. When I try to slice it to half the cheese will be melt out. OMG, I been drooling when I saw this cheese ball again T^T At first I order 2 for my own portion and I thought it will be best when I share with my baby so I order 4. 

Fresh Pork Neck Slices RM15.90 A bit pricey but is delicious! The meat is so chewy and Q to bite. Even though you let it cook long in the soup, the taste is still the same. Super chewy and nice!!

The above is the Cheese Ball, how it looks outside as a normal fish ball lol. The other ball I tried is the Taiwanese Pork Ball. RM 3.40 for 2. I order this is because it got mushroom inside this pork ball. The 嚼劲 is there, but the taste baby say taste like the 肉干, Bak gua. I think not everyone can accept the taste ya, haha!

Vege RM4.50

Pork roll Needle Mushroom RM9.80. The Needle mushroom is always my favorite!

I even order radish and didn't realize that the soup already have radish in it! So make sure you guys take note ya.

This is really one of a special. Homemade Fish Paste Noodle. RM9.90

At first we wonder what is this really are. Turns out to be we will need to squeeze out the noodle out, and not really sure what recipe they use but when it squeeze out, it won't stick together but remain as a noodle shape ya. Overall the taste is quite nice and fresh.

Like this, The noodle is fully cooked!

They have set to choose also ya. But normally when new customer here, and in their menu they also didn't mention. They put it inside this small stand. You can look through it and the set will be RM19.80 per person.

They have this RM1 per plate promotion. I think is for the opening promotion. But each table can only choose 1 and this month plate is this Handmade Pork Ball.

When you are here, enjoying the food. They provide 5 different sauce too, I think is very special and delicious lo. They have Nanyang Belacan Chili Sauce, Siamese Green Chili Sauce, Signature Dry Shrimp Chili Sauce, Secret Recipe Fermented Bean Curd Sauce and Special Fried Minced Garlic. You can tried their sauce while enjoying steamboat.

Video of my cute little cheese ball and

Homemade Fish paste noodle! I squeeze until hand also sore. haha!

Overall rating was 9/10
It is a bit pricy since both our order is RM92.60, lol! Maybe we can tried their set next time. Because the Pork Bone Broth soup is really addicting and will make you wanted to come here and drink it!

Bone & Pot 

126-G-8, Metro Genting Kelang, 
No 126, Jalan Genting Kelang, 
Setapak, Kuala Lumpur. 

03-4031 5667


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