Hey guyssss, continue my Kin Tick trip with Day 1 foodie and swimming fun at swimming pool. My Kin Tick retreat is from 18th of July until 20th of July. Our journey is around 40 minutes but since many of us having breakfast not long ago. We decide to go for the hotspring near by Kin Tick but sadly it still in renovation and we didn't manage to go. Some of our selfie in the car when we are going to gather at church and journey to Bentong.

Trying out our new monopod in the car.

Selfie of our passenger in our car.

Another car beside us. Coincidently we are wearing the same color of top too.

After fail to visit the hotspring we decide to go to lunch at Bukit Tinggi. We went down to a very cliff and turn down to Bukit Tinggi. Wayne bring us to a place for lunch. This 桃源谷 you can enjoy your lunch while the wild boar watch you eat. XD 

We got this cute little boar. Can't say they are very wild or fierce. But when you first reach and saw them you will be afraid also lar. 

The boar will come near you automatically when they are hungry. I was quite scare at first so most of the girls quickly went inside the gate. 

Fish pond.

We enjoy our lunch further down from the Boar. haha! The view of the table.

Groupfie with my gang.

Couple selfie =D

Waterfall is just below us xD

Not to say is very clean but it is very relaxing. It was a really good place for lunch, we really love this environment  alot because we can hear the waterfall streams while enjoying lunch. We sit here enjoying the view and fellowship together for around 1 hour.

This chicken meat is very tender and nice! Recommend to you guys.

Pork Meat.

Wild Boar meat.

Our finished lunch, sorry because did not know the name of food since Wayne help us to order. But the food there is quite nice just a bit costly. Since we got 2 table and order 7 dish cost about RM400+ 

Bye bye wild boar.

The overall restaurant look.

Lot 926,Kampung Bukit Tinggi, 
28750 Kampung Bukit Tinggi, Pahang, Malaysia

011-2600 2383

Oh ya another interesting thing is every vehicle who wanted to come here to dine. Your vehicle will have to drive pass this bridge. While we are having lunch, you can saw many cars drive in and even lorry too. 

You can have a view of waterfall at the bridge side.

Our check in card, breakfast and dinner coupon for each of us.

Selfie non- stop.

Hola, monkey again.

Wife and husband xD

Girls selfie with our room. Sorry for the low light quality.

This is the swing rattan chair below the Bali House!

Exploring under hot sun.

Selfie under hot sun!

After we checked in and exploring Kin Tick Orchard Village, we went back to our room and prepare for the jungle tracking. Jungle Tracking start.

Reached the water fall =D

Group photo.

Prepared to go back to our room.

After the jungle tracking, we continue our sport. We decided to go to the swimming pool!

Our swimming singlet in different color xD Love it so much!

Our swimming kakis xD Mostly of us sitting in the Jacuzzi area.

Our funny pose during our swimming time.

Selfie with Michelle.

Love this pic of me with the sun.

Me and cia cia~

Couple selfie!

Our BBQ food is on it way! After the swimming session, we back to room for a cooling and refreshing bath. Not forget if you guys wanted to know about the facilities and accommodation of Kin Tick you can read my previous blog post here. Our dinner is at 7pm but we are late to dinner since girls are girls ma. I didn't take photo of the food provided there. But the food is still acceptable, they even prepare soup, BBQ food, fruits and drinks too. After dinner, the hall even provide Karaoke session too from 8pm to 11pm. The screen is huge and you can enjoy sing K. The disadvantages is there is you can hear the people sing K when you are in your room. Maybe the first night, the lady sing until quite loud. So it was quite disturbing while we are having activities. Make sure you guys prepare because if it is weekend, surely they will be some people who loves to sing K. haha! 

Till then.

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