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Hi guys, just back from a tiring and relaxing retreat at Janda Baik with ma Church Members. The first day of work really kinda tiring because still not rest enough and not get used to the time wake. Overall the trip is really relaxing and back to nature feel. But for me is still not enough because I still want to be in holiday mood. The trip is very fun as we can enjoy the fun moment together. We been through happiness, fun and teamwork together. Its been a while that I been to camp with friends too! I will update some of the accommodation of that place soon.

Back to my Coffee Stain post, will have some photos about the 3D cafe art that I saw people post at Instagram. When I first wanted to order but I don't see the menu board with any of the 3D art, so you have to ask for the 3D cafe art as well. The 3D cafe art is only available for dark chocolate as well, when I heard it I was thinking will it be bitter since is dark chocolate? But turns out is not bitter at all, is just have some nice sweet chocolate taste. This 3D art required some time to be serve and we waited for around 20 to 30 minutes time. At coffee stain, they have Hello Kitty, Cat and some other cute 3D coffee art to choose. 

Our Cat 3D chocolate art RM16++ I love this cute cat 3D art, at first my darling order other drinks. But later he change to this Dark chocolate 3D art because we wanted to see more of their 3D coffee art. I love the ears of the cat and the paw, is so cute!!

My Hello Kitty 3D art, is not that cute as the cat 3D art. But you can still have the Hello Kitty head look, one thing the 3D art they don't easily shake off. Because the table we choose is quite unstable, even we do a earthquake with the table. The 3D art is still remain in good shape, haha!

Seriously, I hope they can create a cuter Hello Kitty version =P

Both our 3D dark chocolate. I will gonna spam more of our 3D dark chocolate in many different angle to let you guys see!

How am I gonna drink it because the 3D art is too cute!!

The 2 Coffee maker in the move.

Love this small fake plant pot.

If you wanted to try some super brew coffee you can order Cool Brew from Coffee Stain. This coffee drink is brew by 16 hour of coffee bean. I really don't dare to drink it without any milk, because really can't sleep through the night after that. The Cool Cube is the 100% Arabica Columbia Ice Cube with silk milk. If you wan go for a cooling and nice coffee for a hot weather, you can tried Cool Brew or Cool Cube at Coffee Stain. 

Not to forget there are some dessert there too!

Our couple selfie of the day!

Counter Coffee Bar.

Coffe Stain by Joseph

Cool Brew Bottle is available at the counter =D

Till Then.

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