Day 2 - Bentong Trip

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Hi peeps, continue my second post of my retreat activities on Day 2. Time passes and during the first night, we been separate to groups and fate still bring us together la because we are still in the same group. We discuss our group logo, group value and even group name! So our group is Good Good Love, sound childish but yet so awesome right, haha! The night we been briefing and discussing about our activities Talent time for second night. The next morning we even have some treasure hunt, looking for clue in Kin Tick Orchard Village. I can say that the hot sun at Kin Tick is not a joke, so make sure you put on your sunscreen and lotion before you go explore!

Our breakfast view.

Wow la! Introduce my group member, selfie before we start our game. 

We really groupfie non-stop each time we find our clue. At first we were like, need to take groupfie on the clue sport so that we can have more point or what so ever. But in the end, its just for memory! wahaha, when I look back the photo because I'm holding the monopod I feel like Sha Po look xD We have a lots of fun then, thanks to all my group member.

Selfie with Amanda while waiting the girls because we are heading out for Lunch at Bentong!

Showing off my nail art again xD

My OOTD #sharonootd What? print from Shoploooh and Pink checker short.

Love this pic of us on the jeep xD 

Four car ready to go!

Selfie with bibi at the restaurant. Not sure what restaurant name but Wayne's father have some share of this restaurant.

Groupfie with Michelle Monopod =)

Food picture! We have 5 dish but another 1 is vegetable so I didn't take the photo. The fish is super fresh and nice! The fish meat is very tender and fresh. Many of us ate the fish non stop because it is too delicious! The price is RM300+ for 2 table.

Next stop, we decided to went to the 情人瀑布 name the Chamang Waterfall just further a bit from Bentong Town. You can follow the signboard beside the road and you will spot Chamang Waterfall signboard easily. It is around 15-20 minutes journey to the waterfall. The road is steep and quite small so make sure you drive in a safe speed.

The waterfall view is quite amazing, around 3 to 5 floor. But is not encourage to play the water near there since the water flow is quite big and strong plus the stone will be super slippery too!

Groupfie again! Say cheese~

Since the weather is still got sun. We decide head for lower part of the waterfall.

来到情人瀑布, 哪里不可以没有情人照片. We also have our couple photo infront this " Couple Waterfall", haha!

And selfie too!

He super Zi Lian xD

Really tired and lazy to go down the waterfall area. Since the place is already pack with people. So we just resting up here and selfie! =D

Selfie with my What? @sharonxx28

Our gang at the waterfall.

Group photo before we left xD

Next station we went to enjoy home made Ice Cream at T.A.K Ice Cream Corner. Since we are all sweating and craving for sweets dessert and water as well.

T.A.K Ice Cream Corner 
No.89 Jalan Chui Yin,
28700, Bentong

Arranging chairs and tables.

Some of the picture of their open air kitchen.

A.B.C with Yam Ice Cream RM3.50 Seriously the taste is super awesome!! The taste is not too sweet yet the red bean is freshly cooked. I love hows the ice-cream and the ABC ice mix taste. The yam ice cream is their own homemade and recipe. The taste is just so great, the yam sweetness and original taste is just the same!

Since I have order A.B.C. Chendol RM3.50 already, one of their famous dessert. Another is their cendol, when it serve it was in a glass, haha! Not to mention, each of the ice you order they will serve ice cream on top. Biii order pandan ice cream. Thumbs up for the ice cream!!

They do have some fruits mixed ice too! T.A.K Special RM4.00 If you are not a fan of Cendol or A.B.C. You can tried this too! Super fresh and sweet taste of the watermelon, lychee and jello.

Ice Kacang RM3.50!! 

Ice- Cream RM4.20. I really addict with their ice cream taste. Super nice and homemade taste. Is not always you can taste a homemade ice cream with yam and pandan flavor. I add one order with just their homemade oce cream. Highly recommended =D

After the super nice ice cream we had, we head back to our place. Pass by this and took photo of it although Wayne say I could get this online.

Although it has been a tiring day out for us but it doesn't stop us from resting. We continue with our activities such as Durians eating session and Swimming! The durian session is actually when we back into our room we decided to refill our waterbottle we smell some durians though. Then we decide to try out durians since we have nothing to do xD There will be an uncle who sells the durian at Kin Tick. Just opposite the swimming pool atea. We have 3 kg of mangosteen and 5 durians share among us. Really can't tahan how heaty the food we been eating, haha! Mainly us girls go for durians and guys only 2 and others was sleeping and resting in the house.

Swimming time! After duriansss, we decided to swim a little while at the pool too. The sun is still sunny and my eyes can't open, haha! Start swimming at 6pm and ended around 7+pm. This time all of us really have so much laughter and fun. We keep play the slide and can't stop laughing at some of us. The monkey catch ball game are on the move. Basically I just chill while enjoying my Jacuzzi. The guys mostly wake up at this moment and join us girls to have some fun. Dinner after swimming and Talent time after our dinner =) Gonna Post some of the funny moment of our talent show.

Till then.

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