Dear lovelies, I am here to review a magic cream that help you stay young without suffer any medical help. The cost is cheap and affordable. Do you girls wanted to know the secret of it!? If you wonder how does this magic cream works and what secret do this magic cream has to help us stay young. You should continue read my blog because I will let you guys know this secret.

At first when I received this magic cream from Natta Cosme, I have no idea what this magic cream able to do. Until I do some research about it and tried it on myself. This magic cream applicable in all ways that you wanted to be, moisturizer for hand, face and dry skin, frizzy hand, burning scar, face acne, remove make up and more. Is a amazing to use for a 59ml magic cream only! I will start my post with some online information to let you guys see and know more about this magic cream.

Believe it if not just Tried it.

Safely receive my Egyptian Magic Cream from Natta Cosme!

Let's start. Actually What's so special with this Egyptian Magic Cream?

Because this magic cream is made from 6 of NATURE's most powerful ingredients. You can see from the picture above. One thing I believe that everything came from Bee is very healthy and effective to use. Because of my work as a Teacher, my throat is actually hurt from all these 2 years of teaching. Recently I bought 2 bottle of Honey with propolis to help strengthen my throat and prevent for any throat pain cause by too much of talking. And it's work! Now I no longer suffer throat pain and phlegm, the propolis helps to kill germs in my throat and it can helps reduce 热气. I think is honey is very essential for our health since we eat too much of heaty food and oily food.

Here's s short text about What is the function and benefit of honey, propolis, and royal jelly?

Honey, propolis, and royal jelly, products originating in the beehive, are attractive ingredients for healthy foods. Honey has been used since ancient times as part of traditional medicine. Several aspects of this use indicate that it also has functions such as antibacterial, antioxidant, antitumor, anti-inflamatory, antibrowning, and antiviral. Propolis is a resinous substance produced by honeybees. This substance has been used in folk medicine since ancient times, due to its many biological properties to possess, such as antitumor, antioxidant, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and immunomodulatory effects, among others. Royal jelly has been demonstrated to possess numerous functional properties such as antibacterial activity, anti-inflammatory activity, vasodilative and hypotensive activities, disinfectant action, antioxidant activity, antihypercholesterolemic activity, and antitumor activity.

Taken from here

Kate Hudson says that she always use Egyptian Magic Cream to keep her skin hydrated.

As you guys can see from the review from the magazine, the result is really amazing and tested by artist and makeup artist.

The color of this magic cream. Fragrance free and looks like Vaseline right?

The texture of this magic Cream is very soft and a bit greasy.

My face after cleansing and toner.

I just try a little amount. But the usage of this magic Cream is varies from individual. If you are dry skin users can apply more of em cream. And if you have oily skin and/or combination skin also recommended to use with appropriate amount. For scar healing users, please dap appropriate amount on the scar area follow with gentle massage to absorb and heal the scar faster.

The texture on my skin, a bit oily but still acceptable.

After apply the Egyptian Magic Cream. At first The face will be oily and will not used to it because usually I less apply face base with this greasy face moisturizer before. But soon you will get used to it and when you continue with foundation you can feel the color of the foundation is very easy to apply. Your make up will last long also!

If you have extra Egyptian Magic Cream you can continue to apply it to your neck area.

I do apply on my hand because my skin color is dull and dry.

After apply! The result is amazing!

How about hair? This amazing EM Cream is also able to repair split end, moisture hair end and repair damaged hair. Is an amazing product because with such small packaging of cream it can be use and benefit to our skin and hair. I'll find it very benefit and suitable for my skin. Since I am always working in an aircond room, my skin condition is very dry, and I can use this Egyptian Magic Cream as a skin lotion to protect my skin from dry skin. You don't have to spend a lot of money with buying lotion, skin base product or hair product. Because with this Egyptian Magic Cream you can have all it benefits within this cream. 

Where can you purchase this wonderful Egyptian Magic Cream?

At Natta Cosme you can own it with 

RM89.90 instead of RM125 for 

RM125 instead of RM180 for

Natta Cosme

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