Hi guys, another Hello Kitty shoe post here! Nowadays you can saw many Hello Kitty merchandise or Hello Collaboration with other brand. It is because this year is the 40th Anniversary of Hello Kitty. Hello Kitty is 40th years old already, haha! For their special 40th celebration, they have collaboration with many brand and sell many cute Hello Kitty Shoes, Clothes and Handbag too! I always love Hello Kitty product, although I am 20+ already. Still the love towards Hello Kitty never fade. 

The last shoes post about Hello Kitty is from Randa. I didn't buy their shoes since it is very expensive and I think I won't be travel to Japan this year too! This time Hello Kitty Shoes post is about Grace Gift, a Taiwan brand. Recently I been influence by 1 Taiwan Blogger fashion. I simply fall in love with Taiwan fashion, especially their accessories and shoes. Although the price is quite expensive compare to here but their thingy is very elegant and feminine! This year end I decided to went Taiwan, haha. One of my blogger friend introduce 1 Facebook shop who receive order for Grace Gift product. I was very happy because without been to Taiwan and we can buy Grace Gift product! I decided to buy 1 shoes from Grace Gift because I heart their shoes very much. It happen that when I scroll through the Facebook shop photos, and I saw that Grace Gift has come out with Hello Kitty shoes design. 

I was very happy and exciting as well! and I decided to choose 1 design shoes and order from the shop! Here I will share you guys how the quality of the shoes, other design etc.

When I saw the shoes box I was so happy because it has finally arrived my door step. The shoe box is in dark pink color with many cute Hello Kitty head. The cover box writen Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary.

I got 1 recycle bag from Grace Gift and 1 shoe pad in case the shoes too big for customer, very thoughtful of them!

The shoes was nicely pack into these bag. I was seriously so nice packing and with Hello Kitty Picture some more xD

There is the stick to support the shape of the flats. But I took it of already. Tadang, my first ever Hello Kitty Flats in red! There are many design and color but I choose this design and color because this color and the design is the most closest to Hello Kitty color. The size was fit perfectly on me! I was so happy and wanted to wear it out already. The size was 36 smaller size than my normal size 37 because this shoe cutting was quite big. One thing I buy shoes online is, I always ask the size of the shoes. Because each shoes have different cutting and my leg width is quite wide so I have to make sure I didn't order wrong size.

Details of the front design, perfect sewing pattern on the ribbon, eyes and the mustaches.

The shoe pad have this cute Hello Kitty picture and by Sanrio Co.ltd.

The bottom design. With Gracegift word~

Next I will show you guys the other design of the design by Gracegift.

I choose this design!

 There are many colors as well. The blue and red is the nicest!

I was considering this too! Why is this design so cute!! Is made by high quality leather that is soft and comfy. The color is color of the macaroons, super sweet and dreamy feel!! The heels is 5.5cm mid heels for OL.

I admit I love this color, so dreamy and purple!!

The color is so nice and perfect! But I scare I have no where to wear to.

Mint green and black. The black apparently is suitable for work and OL cool look. I love the red ribbon, wahaha!

The 3rd design which are more princess style. Using high quality soft leather and I love the ribbon chain in the shoes. Elegant hence a bit sweet girl look.

Pants look.

Sweet girl look.

The next 3 design will be sneakers. For me, Hello Kitty sneakers is quite normal and many brands have come out Hello Kitty Sneakers design. I would recommend to choose either heels or flats when you wanted to buy Hello Kitty Shoes. With Polka dots and Ribbon. All the sneakers they have inside is with increasing insole. 

More chunky and casual style.

This design is very simple and nice design. Among the sneakers design I like this design the most.

Not to over but simple and casual with pants or dress.

The last design! I not really like the big ribbon design. But the leopard heart is quite attracting lol! The ribbon is exchangeable you can took it of or put it on the sneakers. 

 This color match is superb! The red and leopard is so striking. The material is made with patent leather that is water proof when raining.

That's all for my post for today Hello Kitty Shoes post. Can't wait to have the chance wear my new Hello Kitty flats~ Show me your love by letting me know which design you love the most!?

If anyone interested to own this shoes or any Grace Gift clothes or shoes. You can message to this Facebook Page ya. The owner is very friendly and the service is very fast too!


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