Kin Tik Orchard Village

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Hola guys, I finally start of my retreat post with the accommodation we stay. I think I will separate to 3 post that will be accommodation, foods and friends! The retreat place we went is at Bentong. We stay at Kin Tick Orchard Village for 3 days 2 night. In this place there were breakfast and dinner provided. But lunch you'll have to went outside Bentong town for foodie! I will write all the foodie on another post ya! Total we have 13 girls and 6 guys only during our retreat. The room we book is Bali House and Stone House. I have a small vlog about the room we sleep at the end of my blog, make sure you scroll finish ya.

The journey from Setapak to Bentong is around 40 to 50 minutes. But we check in that place around 2pm after lunch with some tame boar xD When we reach that place, you have to park your car outside and they have jeep to fetch you inside. One thing with the jeep is there have this small waterfall, if you walk in to Kin Tick, you will have to wet your shoe or leg xD After all the luggage in the jeep, some of us sitting inside the jeep and some was with the luggage.

The road to Kin Tick by walking/ jeep.

After you pass the water, continue walk up and you'll reach.

The place we check in. This hall is freaking nice and relax lol. Although the sun is a bit hot but overall the relax feel is there. 缘 means fate.

Inside the reception area, you'll find many table and chair here. At first don't really know what is the tables and chairs for, but soon I realize is for eating lol!

Scenery you'll see when you walk further the hall. We sit outside during breakfast for a fresh and relaxing breakfast.

Group photo on the stairs. Forget to take the design of upstairs interior xD

Next part is the swimming pool area.

 The swimming pool is quite big but is quite expose to the sun. Usually after 6pm the sun is still quite hot, but we really didn't care much. You can apply sunblock for protection as well. We will be in the pool until 7pm. The pool have a small slide.

View from the pool. Below is the orchard place for yummy Durian and Mangosteen. The right side area you can fishing there!

Some pretty accessories with the blue sky.

Pretty red flower.

View while we walk up the small hill beside the pool. Many trees!!

Far view looking from the swimming pool.

Pretty trees and small stream along the pathway.

Oh yeah, not forget we have this one-armed monkey welcoming us too!

Photos of our bed and room.

Bali house for the guys and some of the outside view of the bali house. Nice right? Got the holiday feel when you saw the view.

View opposite our stone house. More trees and beautiful plant.

Fish pond outside our room. The pond is so clean and the fish is pretty too! 

I love this tree so much because whenI saw this free I can feel like I'm at other country. I love the environment here at Kin Tick. Their plants and trees here is really amazing. They really take care of the plants. We even have jungle tracking here with the guidance of their worker. The jungle tracking is suitable for family to join as well. The jungle tracking is quite fun as well. Because it lead us to a waterfall and all of us sit on the rock and relax while listening to the water streams. Really a good place for relax!! Weather at the day is sunny and at night the air is quite cooling. 

Some of the fun photo I took.

Finally a 2 minutes vlog about the Bali House and Stone House environment. Let's me conclude some of the video.

Stone House

- They have 4 king size bed. We have extra 3 single bed because we have 13 girls.
- 1 toilet only but there is extra 1 basin outside the toilet.
- 1 Aircond 2 Fans
- The air inside the room is quite hot because there ain't any window accept windows near the entrance.


*Fish pond
*Few beach sit for some relaxing moment and chating with friends
*Coconuts Tree is real!!

Bali House

- 3 Queen Size bed (2 beds in a room and 1 bed in another room)
- 2 toilet(1 in each room)
- 1 small living hall with 1 Fan
- No aircond as their house is facing Forest and hill top. ( really cooling at night)


*Below there are table and seats and swing rattan chair. 
*Opposite there is few small hut for chilling as well.
*A small empty grass area good for morning aerobics

I would not say which house is better because its depend on your outing partners. Just try to choose a room that you guys feel convenient and comfortable with.

That's all for the accommodation post at Kin Tick Orchard Village. Really can't decide whether I should write foodie post or friends post next. Till then!!

Kin Tick Orchard Village

Pt 21564 Batu 7,
Bentong 28750, Malaysia


Till Then.

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