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Hola, another short food post update. Recently we will be searching some nice place for chill and lunch and the place didn't fail us as well. This time we'll be going to TTDI because I  need to take my Havainnas Slipper from Tammy. We decided to have our lunch in this area. We'll have a photoshoot here too! It's been a month since our photoshoot. I'm so happy and excited too. After lunch, I even go Posh! Nail Spa for some manicure and pedicure session. I can't tell you guys how much I love my new nail art, because I want to have the ocean theme and the outcome turn out to be very nice! Will share you guys on my photoshoot post ya!

This cafe only serve Bagle and sandwiches for a full filling lunch. But usually customer to come to eat here won't mind but love their food and dessert serve as well. Its our first time here though, and we not really always come to TTDI as well. But I think is good choice you can drive around and explore new place for some new food experience. At TTDI there are many cafes as well, but mostly they opened for dinner only. It happen that we found minimum cafe was opened at TTDI. Lucky us we bumped into this cafe as well! This cafe is quite full also, but we got just 1 seat when we went in. This cafe is self service, you have to order yourself and pay at the counter first before you can have your food serve!

Chicken o L'orange Bagel RM14 Toasted Bagel with cream cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, citrus, marinated chicken breast and fried egg. 

I simply love how they prepared bagle with, the sesame nut is very nice, they even toast the bread with cream cheese. The taste of the bagel is very satisfying. The egg shape is very nice too. I didn't tried the chicken breast though. But is hidden under the egg, haha!

Smoked Salmon Cream Cheese Bagel RM16 with side salads and dressing.

Overall the salmon taste great. The Bagel is a good combination of it. The freshness of the salmon is nice and the salads too!

Menu. Since we are having photoshoot later so we actually shoot some of the interior design of this cafe. I kinda miss my college life back then shooting photo using DSLR. It just brings back my memory when I use back Dslr.

Sorry..blur deer head xD

This cafe is basically runs by Malay. You can see that there are many painting on the wall. The ambiance of this cafe is really very relaxing. You can feel relax and alone while you are dining in here. They even have some music playing on too. 



We did order doughnuts too! We order 2 for RM5 since we scare the bagel is not satisfying enough. We have strawberry and lemon flavor.


They have old music corner. I totally in love with it!

The drink bar and counter.

Outside is available for seats too!

Smoking area.

When I saw this board, totally in love with it! So I purposely take a close shot of this board xD

Little signboard.

Anyway, this place is suitable for chill and relaxing ya. The ambiance is perfect for a tea break and spend time with friends. Till Then!

21, Lorong Datuk Sulaiman 7, 
Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur. Row behind Vin's

Sun-Thurs, 8am-9pm. Fri-Sat, 8am-10pm

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