Hola guys, another short post about foodie at Cheras. I think I been spending a lot for food this month of July, haha! But is worth the price though, we should just enjoy life while we can. But also must remember take care and count your monthly budget while enjoying good food too, haha! Now back to my food post of the day, no fancy cafes or coffee but we'll have some delicious seafood to be served! Just make sure you keep your stomach full while looking on the food picha!

Fresh seafood in the plastic tray waiting to be eaten! Mostly they are still alive in the water ya.

Ughh...dead fish

Crabby is alive in the water.

皮皮虾哟! I don't really know the English name of this shrimp but inside the shell you can find many shrimp paste inside it lol. I find this shrimp is a bit disgusting because it is still alive and swimming in the water. Now you know how shrimp paste found in which prawn, is 皮皮虾.

Waiting to be slaughter hahahahahahaa xD

There is the small weighing counter to weigh how many kg of the seafood we order.

A little board for any remarks.

Our first dish is the Seafood Porridge. Eventually you can find crab inside the porridge and the essence of the crab basically cook with the porridge and the taste is very nice. For me the taste is a bit tasteless maybe the porridge soup is a lot as you can see on the photo. But the porridge is just right for dinner and not too full for dinner.

OMG! This Fu Zuk is my favorite! I can't really describe the taste, but the skin is so crispy and the meat wrap in it is so chewy and fresh! This fu zhuk is a MUST for me if you wan me to recommend. You must eat it while it is just cooked so that you can enjoy the crispiness and the chewy meat of the fu zuk. 

Our 皮皮虾(1.1kg) RM93 is out, really not an expert eating all the shrimp paste in the shell. So I give up and really enjoying my crab only. But if you are huge fan of eating 虾膏 you can tried order this dish.

Crab with Salted Egg Yolk. We order 4 crab for 12 of us and is about 23kg that cost us RM200. My favorite sauce paste with crab. I always always love salted egg yolk probably with any seafood. Their salted egg yolk taste just nice with the crab, not too salty. We did not use any tools while eating the crab, they have already crack the shell and we'll just have to enjoy the crab to the fullest!

Blanched Squids 白炔苏东 RM25++ (20g) This is one of their signature dish is this restaurant. Can't be wrong because the squid is cook perfectly. They did not added any special sauce but just drenched some soy sauce and add some topping. The special of this dish is the squid that is so crunchy and chewy when you just put in your mouth. With a minimal of cooking preparation and yet they serve such fresh squid.

Salted Pepper Squids, RM 25++(20g) This is another cooking type of the squid, fresh squid fried with salted pepper. But the freshness of the squid is still remain juicy and chewy. You can enjoy the outer crispy and inside juicy squid as well.

Steamed prawns with egg whites 蛋白蒸虾 RM90++ This is my Favorite of all because the taste is superb yummy! My favorite seafood as well, the taste of the egg white and freshness of the prawn just blend in so well. It is not salty or tasteless, but all you can taste is the freshness and sweetness of the prawn. The steam process is just well and nice! 

The prawn is definitely very fresh and chewy as well! Not to mention the taste is definitely you haven't try before.

The outside look of the restaurant. (Photo taken online)

One BFF selfie with Michelle.

If you are looking for nice seafood spree at KL you can definitely come here and tried their seafood. Overall 12 of us spend RM43 per person and for me I think the price is still reasonable for so many seafood we order. Hence the seafood they provide is super nice and yummy! Till then for my post of my retreat =P Getting lazier these day because holiday is coming, lol.

Restaurant Han Lim Seafood 
12, Jalan Midah 12, Cheras Klang Valley 56000
GPS: 3.0964954 , 101.7288151

603 9139 3321 | 6014 620 9398

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