Hi peeps, 1 more hour to go for retreat. Just wanted to share a shopping paradise that all the shoppers would love to go. Parkamaya is a shopping place for all the fashionable shop gather together and sell their clothes. Its been quite some time that I thoroughly shopping at Pavilion or even Fahrenheit. This time we are here because of holiday. After lunch we just hanging out here at Pavilion, bought some accessories and crop top at Forever21. I heart some hello kitty shoes at Cotton On but still considering because I have many shoes already! 

This time we even target the Coffee Stain by Joseph at Parkamaya as well. I always saw people post on instagram about the cute 3D coffee art and I wanted try and see it myself so I suggest let's just go there have our coffee time. But this post I mainly will blog about the shopping paradise at Parkamaya. I will do another short post about Coffee Stain at another post. So make sure you guys stay tuned. While waiting for our drinks, I actually shop alone around Parkamaya and I decided to blog about it. I didn't buy anything although I saw some of the clothes that is super pretty and cheap, haha! I shall next time. I'm sorry if I don't know the shop name because Parkamaya is an opened place that they didn't separate shop into a store. I just take photo and share with you guys some of the cloths I heart.

Couple selfie first xD

Clutch for Ipad and tab.

No photo here. But I managed to took 1 photo. Some of the cartoon that worth to buy and keep it as collection.

When I saw this loom bands, I was ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Finally I saw there's some place who sell this, don't know whether I less go out these day. But I know this was quite famous among these days, so I decided to buy 1 small pack back home and tried. It's so colorful and I like it.

The price for me is quite okay, but when I bought it home only realise the price is not the RM5.90. Anyway is up to you to decide to come here buy or not la xD

I heart the loom band on the left one, how did they did it!? But sadly I bought the pack is just for basic fishtail style only. 

More colorful loom band, they do have a more professional style but I didn't get it because too pricy for me.

I bought the loom band at here, it was quite middle place opposite to the gaming machine area.


MilkTee shop.

F Block apparel.

I love a shop that organize their clothes into color. When you walk in to that shop, your eyes will be very comfortable with the color. Its easier to choose also, because we tend to choose cloths by color as well.

F block have much bigger space here at Parkamaya. 

Working apparel.

Pastel color!

This set is quite attracting me! Soooo Taiwan style love it! RM76++

The ribbon skirt is cute too!! RM33+

Pastel singlet.

Just walk along the shop beside F block. You can get your accessories haul here, the loom band is here too!

Handmade Denim apparels.

There are guy apparel available at Parkamaya as well.

Sales sales sales~

This brand apparel is very cute and pretty lol!!

Love this Mickey sweater!!! But don't dare to check on the price because scare can't afford to own it, haha.

A elegant piece.

OMG, This Jacket is so pretty!! RM300+

The earing is very elegant and class.

Sports apparel is available too. But mostly is just sneakers and sport shoes ya.

Graffiti art cloths =D

Just remember to Keep Calm and Park@maya

You can find some cute Tee there too!

Some other brand tees.

and Doraemon merchandise!!

The heels are quite attracting and sexy!

Totoro hoodie! So cute and I always love totoro cartoon.

Anime merchandise.

Anime turn egg. 扭转蛋 =D

Saw this couple hoodie so cool wor.

Not to forget there are some princess style accessories too!

Newly open some Japan festival style shopping place there too!

Line Dolls are in sales! Just grab it home la!

Body shot Selfie at the front big mirror. After walking for quarter of the place, my 3D art dark chocolate is not served yet T^T 

Continue exploring with this Japanese restaurant.

Some other brand apparel.

Vintage style.

Princess style!! I love all the dress~~~ But I think it will be too stand out if I'm wearing it and I guess my age don't allowed me to wear this kind of style anymore T_T

There is this Muse Patinum Tokyo Beauty consultation.

Pretty ceiling decoration yo.

F block sell accessories too according color too. Their accessories shop is This & That.

Some cute handbag.

Saw these cute and cool hats at this boutique from Seoul.

Saw this angel wing is so pretty. Love the color rainbow at the background.

Heart this sweater with the studs design on the sweater.

This necklace is in pastel flower color. Nice nice!!

I always love all this lingerie, it is very comfortable to wear. Korean and Japanese always have this sweet and comfy inside wear. I want to find another style like half bra wearing. Convinient for tube top or singlet shirt.

Before we left I purposely asked my baby help me take photo with this backdrop.

My accessories of the day. Buy this Frozen necklace from Nineteenboutique and minty watch from Miss Apple. Love it, all minty color.

Lastly end my half body shot with my accessories and the top from Shoploooh.

Till then.

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