Hi guys, will be busy this weekend because am going to retreat with my church friends! Hope this journey will be lots fun because I been longing for a short holiday from my work. Although the toilet is a bit minor problem but let's just have some fun together! I hope I can enjoy as much fun as possible. For me, able to have rest from work, is a very happy moment and time to enjoy. Before I went this retreat this weekend, will be post a food post to you guys. I will share you guys about the journey of my retreat to Kintik Village to you guys when I back!

We been going to cafes and have some good food recently. I'm not hated to work lar, but sometimes when you can enjoy during weekend is the way to rest yourself and charge your working energy. Recently Desa Setapak has opened a new cafe for kaki's like us to hang out. Is still a new cafe but the design and recipes of the drink is quite surprising. I am so happy because we can have some tea break time with friend near my neighborhood. Since we will be having dinner at our house area, so we decided let's just try this new cafe too.

Our dinner at Chuan Ji Bak Kut Teh. Don't know whether you guys know about this Bak Kut Teh but this place got many customer too!

Haha, back to my SOC post after our dinner. Chee Seng SOC Afogato RM9.90. I really love how they present their drinks to customer though. Very creative and presentable! You will have to pour the coffee inside the cream. I think the taste is still not too bitter as I thought, but it have coffee nice brew taste. The tase is amazing!

My Belgium Chocolate with marshmallow RM8.90. Love the marshmallow with my chocolate! I can't drink coffee in the night if not I won;t be sleeping through the night already.

Watermelon Juice my darling order. Oh yes, they cut the melon into cube and place it in the cup. You can drink and eat the watermelon in the same time.

Belgium Chocolate with ice. I wonder where they got this cute cup, hehe.

This Mango Cotton Snow RM8.90 Beside coffee and drinks, they provide ice snow dessert too as their title. So if you get bored just drinking coffee you can order their Cotton Snow, they serve Durian taste as well! The idea of ordering ice snow dessert in a coffee shop is very interesting! =D

Waffle Honey Banana RM 10.90. First time trying this taste, amazingly nice taste, just the waffle a bit hard. But for me is taste very nice, the taste is quite refreshing when you first bite. You can order this if you wanna tried a fresh new taste of waffle with honey and banana.

Interior design.

Cooking station.

Red and Black light.

Our generation of taking photos of the food.

Full board of the menu.

Not to forget there have cakes too!

Colorful straws for drink.

Show of my new Hello Kitty flats and my new dior top. Is important to let yourself and pamper yourself in a relaxing place with friends. I really enjoy every "coffee" moment with my friends. Although I am not into coffee, but I still enjoy the moment with people I care and I love so much. 

"You can't buy happiness but you can buy coffee, and it's pretty close"

S.O.C. Snow Or Coffee
22, Jalan 1/27B, Taman Desa Setapak, Wangsa Maju, Kuala Lumpur
Daily: 10am-10pm


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