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Hi my lovelies, today will share about a online boutique that I love! Recently fall in love with Taiwan fashion style. I notice that this online boutique brings in Taiwan fashion that is ready stock for customer! I totally in love with their cloths, so feminine, sweet yet casual. What I love about Taiwan fashion is their dress, with many sewing details, flower pattern, flowy dress, sheer chiffon material and etc. Their dress always with high quality and the sewing details is so pretty and nice. I always mad love with their design! But the price is quite pricey too, can't always buy alot too. Another thingy I love is their accessories, necklaces, bracelet, earing and even hat! They are really very pretty! Very elegant, class, blink and unique in design as well. I am super obsess with accessories thingy, please forgive me.

Today I will share with you guys some of the cloths sell at Toki Choi in an incredible cheap price but provide high quality for us! I amazed with their design and the price lol, how can they be so cheap because the quality is so good. I actually know about Toki Choi at Rakutan for some time already. But when I saw Jane Chuck blog, she blogged about Toki Choi also and the most important is they are having sales now lol! At first they are having sales RM19.99 for each piece for 48 HOURS only, but now they extended to this SUNDAY. I was overwhelming with the super cheap cloths and wanted to grab all the cloths I heart as many as possible. I will share with you guys about some comfy cloths that I really like and you can't bought it at Malaysia. But with Toki Choi at Rakuten you can simply bought it home. I just bought it on the day the sales start but haven't yet received. 

Voyya brand sells everyday cloths. Such as cotton top, singlet, camisole, mens wear and even pants to socks too! What I love their everyday wear is the shelf bra that is provided in the top. Japan and Taiwan always come out top design with shelf bra, I think that is super convenient for girls! You don't have to worry is your bra color very obvious, the colour is not match, have to wear bra went you go out, brings many bra went you are on vacation and etc. With Voyya Shelf Bra design, you can simply wear their top without bra because the top is provided with shelf bra, how convenient is that! I also know that in Japan there have some tube provided bra pad too but too bad really can't it at other places, still looking for it. 

Voyya - Cotton Top With Shelf Bra RM62 I bought the light grey and white! Light grey S size has already sold out because of it popularity I guess. Because the model wear the light grey top is so pretty! I have no choice but to take size M and just hope that it fits me =D I always having trouble with top with bra color and pattern, so I decide to grab a white top for myself.

Voyya - Drywear Top With Shelf Bra  RM62 This dry fast will be my favorite too! I choose pink since I choose white for the first top already. I will surely wear this type of top out everytime because it so convenient and to trip also because you don't have bring a lots of lingerie.

Voyya - Cotton Tank With Shelf Bra RM47 They comes with tank and singlet design. But the basic color of this singlet design already sold out so I have no choice. I choose dark purple instead for the tank top. The white and black color usually sells fast T^T

 Voyya - Halter Layering Camisole With Shelf Bra RM47 I suppose to bought this also because is so convenient lol! I have some few tops form Cotton On quite deep V infront. If I have this camisole will be saviour for all those deep V tops. But too bad is selling off fast too!!

Tokyo Fashion - Korean Style. This style is more to pop style where you can found many leggings, cardigan and some cool tops with bold words and pattern.

 Tokyo Fashion - Two-Tone Letter Print Chiffon Tee. RM68 A cool tee with ARMY word on and the design of the tee is chiffon material and net material on the shoulder and sleeve area. This tee brings our the cool and chic yet some sexy part such as the shoulder area.

Tokyo Fashion - Plaid Banana Print Crop Top RM49 This top is totally so cute! I love the banana pattern and the gingham of the top. Recently in love with gingham pattern in blue and pink color. The banana and the gingham combination is absolutely looking cute together. Definitely will bought this!

Tokyo Fashion - Denim Mini Skirt With Embroidery Detail RM84 When I saw the embroidery detail of the skirt immediately I fall in love with this skirt. Is so casual and cute to wear out too. Since it is a denim mini skirt it will be easy to match with any simple top with plain color.

Tokyo Fashion - Houndstooth Sheer Chiffon Top RM57. I am a huge fan of Houndstooth design and when I saw this I was like dying to own it at my closet!! Why is this so awesome top and the design is super cool yet sexy style. The color they have is in pastel as well, I straight away fall in love with this top as well.

Mayuki fashion is City Sophistication. Top and dress perfect for work and casual date. You can always wear their super nice cloths and dress to work and date with your loves one! Their clothing line is more on chiffon, lacey and pastel color. They have some basic tops and legging for work as well.

MAYUKI - Chiffon Dress With Ruffled Sleeves RM78 This dress left pink color in stock, grab it while you still want! One thing I love Taiwan fashion is they always have many chiffon material that is super cute and flowy dress. 

 MAYUKI - Faux 2-Piece Lace Leggings RM69 Left White color available! I found that Taiwan fashion in grey color is very pretty and surprisingly sold out very fast. I love the lace skirt details with the leggings. The design is really one of a kind!

MAYUKI - Candy Color Chiffon Mini Skirt With Belt RM57 Chiffon Mini Skirt with belt, I guess totally worth the price. 

MAYUKI - Candy Color Houndstooth Lace Top With Bow Detail RM84 Sorry Houndstooth again xD Love the bow details on the shoulder, you can wear 2 ways, with the belts or without.

 MAYUKI - Plaid Lace Chiffon Top With Pearl Detail RM75 Left white color, don't have the blue color I want already T^T What I love about this top is the pearl on the top and the flower lace on the sleeve. Taiwan fashion cloths always have the pearl design on cloths and I really like it alot.

MAYUKI - Faux 2-Piece Spaghetti Strap Lace Long Dress RM94 Mad love this piece, gonna bring it home too. You can wear this long dress either to work or casual date. It's a perfect long dress for many occasion wear. The singlet stripe details can be adjust and the lace details is just so pretty!

Yoco fashion style is more on romantic feminine. They have many lacey and sheer cloths. They have many cloth is flowery pattern represent the romantic and feminine style. They have shorts and many dresses that super sweet and lady style.

YOCO - Pearl Neckline Chiffon Top  RM62. I really quite impressive with the lace details of this top. I really love the pearl neckline and flower lace all over the top. It's really very pretty and elegant with the pearl. But mostly Yoco cloths you saw that are nice most probably sold out already and make my heart broken because there are some Maxi dresses I really love it.

YOCO - Bare-Shouldered Floral Long Dress With Ruffled Detail RM112 This is one of the prettiest and flowery maxi dress that I ever saw. But the color blue is sold out already, too bad no luck for me. The details of this dress is very pretty too with pearl and ruffled details that are very precise.

YOCO - Chiffon Spaghetti Strap Long Dress With Ruffled Detail RM74 I mad love this because it has my favorite color pastel purple but the color also sold out already. I can truly tell you guys if you really saw some cloths you heart make sure you buy it if not you will your chance! I always love Taiwan maxi dress because of it ruffled details. 

Thats all for my shopping haul opinion at Toki Choi. Taiwan is having clearance summer stock because fall and winter season is coming soon. Thats's why you can get their fashion cloths in such CHEAP price. But the cloths and color is very limit so you have to make your move fast. I really love Taiwan fashion a lot, I really mean it. A bit regret that I should browse Yoco shop first but is no use to say anything about it. Let's just pray and hope that there will be more new arrival coming soon! Jane Chuck wearing the ripped jeans I still haven't saw it because it has not on the shop yet. Because if I can get a ripped jeans with a reasonable price I will be very exciting and happy! Thanks Rakuten for this wonderful collaboration with Toki Choi we can get fabulous and top notch quality Taiwan fashion cloths with an affordable price. Hope for more new nice cloths and accessories, finger crossed** 

Don't forget the RM19.99 deal will end on 27th of July 11:59pm! They will provide free shipping for shopping Rm100 also!

Till Then and Happy Shopping!!

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