Woo la guys! Before I continue my retreat post I wanted to write a few food post that I went last weekend. But My retreat left whole lots of photo to be spam only >>>> Not sure I should post all photos to my facebook since I left photos to be post only. Back to my food post, this place didn't purposely go on that particular day because since it is just the start of holiday. I really feel excited when Raya Holidays is here but think of its gonna end, feel so unwilling to let my holiday pass so fast!!! Last Saturday my baby let me go shopping time my friend. We choose this place for our evening time break and relax moment. 

Another thing is I wanted to go to is Lacelle roadshow at Sg Wang, so basically we just drop by to the Van to join the roadshow. Lacelle is a new brand contact lens at Malaysia, now they are searching for new faces for Lacelle and promoting their new contact lenses too! They will be having this small roadshow until 1st of September. You can just come by to Lacelle #WOW truck for a free pair of colour contact lenses and a free photoshoot session. You can check their roadshow schedule at their websites too! 

The friendly girl assist ask me and my friend to register together. So that I can get 2 free of contact lens, that day they only have violet and black to choose.

Their color of choices of the contact lens. Each design is unique by its design. They have 2 different design, One design is more on the sparkle and lace design on the lens and another design is more on patented intricate lace pattern and non-ionic material on the lens. The color they have 3 color, that is Jubilee Violet, Sparkling Brown and Frozen Grey. The 2 basic color is Tender Brown and Modest Black.

Lacelle is by Bausch + Lomb. They emphasis their contact lenses as a cosmetic lens that enhance your eye look with lace-like glamour. Their concept for the contact lenses basically as a fashion accessory for you eyes. In their websites, not like other brand introduce their contact lens but Lacelle teach us how to make up our eye with their contact lens. I think is super cool!

I'll manage to get 1 black and 1 violet lens for myself! Do you guys saw the Photographer's stamp below the I.D? Yes! When you register with them, besides getting 1 pair of free monthly contact lens you can have a free session of photoshoot with them! 

The photo session.

Once you redeem your free cons, you can wear it straight away and they will provide a free session of photo shoot.

Beside is the make up, you can decide whether to have make up or not.

There is this small purple van of Bausch + Lomb Lacelle! I super love the color of the van because it is purple~~ You can easily spot their van mostly will be outside of the mall. Don't forget to join their face of Lacelle #WOW. 


#WOW my look

Back to my post here, we been shopping and walking for around 2 hours and decided to come here around 5:30pm. Tous Les Jours have been at Wolo Bukit Bintang for quite some time, when I first saw didn't know that this cafe have high reputation on its food! Still not too late to try though, this branch of Tous Les Jours is the biggest at Malaysia. Because it has 2 floor and the only branch that serve cafe food such as, sandwiches, breakfast and etc. The crowds in here is not joking, when we are here at this place there were no seats for us. So we have to wait for seats, lucky us we manage to have a seat without 10 minutes. One funny thing is we change to 3 seats lol, First seat is too hot and you can just feel the hot wind from outdoor; Second seat is Chee Seng accidentally pour out his drink on the table and it's ice that looks like shit and melting fast, we keep ask the waiter to clean but nobody comes and clean it; Third seat is the most satisfied seats because it has 2 comfortable sofas for us xD So we just sat there for almost 2 hours, chatting and relaxing. The only bad about Tous Les Jours is as you know Malaysia is 365 Sunny hot weather and part of their shop is facing the sun. Since some of the building is made with glass only, the sun can easy direct into the shop. 


Freshly baked bread =D

And desserts~~

Love this cake, I told baby I want this for proposal purpose xD

Macaroons LOL!!

We order our desserts and drink at the counter.

Lots of bread.

Love the ceiling light, super grand and pretty lights.


We didn't manage to tried the bread, our next time!

Selfie with Lacelle Violet contact lens.

Outdoor seats.


I totally love their ceiling with all these bricks that are super vintage and america house feel.

Upstairs seats.

Food counter at the second floor.

Upstairs seats.

Lights lights lights~

My make up of the day without contact lens.

Selfie at Pavilion. =D

Blueberry Yogurt Cake RM8.90 Is never too sweet to try! The yogurt simply just melt in your mouth and the layer of the yogurt cake is very nice. They have blueberry cream, sponge cake and yogurt and one crispy layer. Forget to mention their macaroon is too good! Love the chocolate almond inside it =D

Black Forest cake.

Devils Chocolate and Cheese Cake. Mostly their cake is RM9 per piece, is not too expensive and affordable too. One thing that really love their cake is, it is never too sweet or not sweet. The taste is just right and you won't feel very cheesy or creamy too! I simply love the taste, yummy!

Cafe Mocha. Nice brew coffee taste and the chocolate taste barely can taste. Not too sweet or bitter, really taste nice and smell nice. Each coffee is serve in this size of cup, made by Tous Les Jours.

Thanks babe for your care and love!

Selfie with my macaroons xD Selfies non stop!

My #sharonootd

Blue Checkers from Zalora
White short pants from Subzero
Adidas Blue Sneakers

Chill like a boss. Love all these photo xD 

Lastly grab my baby help me to take photo of me with the building!

Till then.

Tous Les Jours @ Wolo Bukit Bintang
126, 126A-C, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
Kuala Lumpur
Tel : +603-4065 0088
Opening Hours :
8am – 11pm (Daily)

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