Hihi peeps, finally going to write a beauty scrapping review that I tried last 2 weeks. This is a new experience for me because I never tried to visit any facial center. For more now you can even enjoy it at home ONLY, I a bit shock when I been notice that they will have this Beauty Scrapping at my own house. But after that, I would say that is was a nice and super relaxing experience you enjoy facial Gua Sha at home.

What is Beauty Scrapping Theraphy?
At first, they mention that they will have to Gua Sha at our face. I'm pretty sure that Gua Sha always known as Body Gua Sha but as for Face Gua Sha is a bit challenging and hard to imagine. Body Gua sha is somehow painful if your body is not good and always left red spot on your back, then back to Face Gua Sha will it be painful?? Will it left red spot or scar?

The answer would be NO. Why would I say that? I will show you guys some pictures!

Our appointment time is at 2pm. Yee Mun and Fiona came on time and they were really friendly since our age is the same! We really did chat alot and feel fun because we can share the beauty session together. Both of them are really pretty girls and nice. Fiona share some tips on a normal daily routine for a our SKIN. There are 6 steps daily routines for our skin.

1. Cleansing
2. Exfoliate (Scrub/Mask)
3. Toner
4. Treatment (Serum/Essence)
5. Eye Care
6. Sunblock

How many steps do you actually done each day for our SKIN care daily routine? Mine is just 4 and I miss out scrub and sunblock. Don't ever think that miss 1 step of the skin routine wouldn't make big difference for our skin. But every steps is equally important for a HEALTHY and GLOWING skin. Recently watch a video about the important of putting suncreen or sunblock. How our skin look like when we are expose under UV light? All our ugly spot on our face that are not visible start to show out. It is quite inspiring and alert many of us about the important of sunblock. I actually took a lot of photos but sadly my camera SD was corrupted and I couldn't show you guys the half mask and the half of my face result of the Gua Sha to you guys. But the experience is really relaxing and PAINLESS! 

Every part of our face represent each of our body organ. Some says when they saw your face they'll able to know which of your body part is not good.

This is mainly their product going to use for our Beauty Scrapping Therapy! Product from Artistry Malaysia.

Skin serum. 

Masking time. Since my nose has a bit whitehead so they use this pore cleansing masque for a tighter and clean pores. The masque is feel really chill after they apply it on your face.  The masque photo is corrupted on my camera SD. T.T The another moisture intense is for skin moisture and is suitable for lips and even eye area! The texture is super smooth and moisture. Don't forget as our lips and eye area dry out under the sun and aircond room too!

Cleanser, scrub and toner.

Skin moisture and eye cream.

Love this serum because of the smell is really smell nice.

Vitamin C + Wild yam serum. Good for fine wrinkle and brightening. 

Intensive serum.

Their new product for UV Protect. They have this special Pa with 4 +UVA PA++++.

Skin Product- Youth Extend series for anti wrinkle and aging skin.

The Gua Sha session by Yee Mun. This the most painless Gua Sha I had. The experience with the Gua Sha is really new and fun. The whole session is very relaxing and enjoying. 

This is the special Gua Sha tools they use for Beauty Scrapping for face. This special tools is made by Buffalo Horn is special made for face scrapping. 

Further more, the result of the Gua Sha is really amazing. They told me that there are many acupoint in our body. With the Gua Sha Beauty scrapping session they can improve our blood circulation and can fully absorb the skin essence that we apply on our face. It can unclothe our pores and reduce fine wrinkle. After the Gua Sha session, the effects will sustain for about 5 to 1 week time. With this Beauty Scrapping you can feel your face more tightier and you can own a V shape and slim face. 

You can always contact them and make appointment with them.
012 3351788 Fiona / 0163476277 Yee Mun

Don't forget you can still stay Beauty at Home by Arte Belle Beauty Scrapping Therapy.

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