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Food post is here before I continue my Jack Purcell post =) Have a little dinner date just beside the Offday Pop up store before the event. We are here really early because we scare we might stucked in the jam. The parking is really limited in Bangsar too! So is better to really came here early lol.

Since we have to attend the event, we decided to choose 1 restaurant or cafe near to the Pop Up store. Here is it G3 Kitchen & Bar just beside the Offday store. Really quite convenient ya. This small little cafe is really quite unique in a way that is actually is a bar and kitchen by the look of the interior design. Let me show you the photos!

Half Open Kitchen before us because our seats are near. You can clearly see their chef cooking and preparing food for customer.

Whole cupboard of wine and the wine of the month. Prepared to serve to customer. Anyone?

Some really artistic painting in the wall.

Kitchen wooden wall surround. Super classy with the orange light!

Is really creative that they use all their cooking material to design their interior. Although people won't wanted to know what material they used, but all was neatly arrange and somehow brings out the creative design. It doesn't even cost much of the interior too!

Making drink corner is here, beside all the dining seats. Really simple design and the arrange of the loaf bread just like the cooking material. Looking nice! Wonder if it real bread to serve, haha!

Bun, bun, bun! Ready to be serve!

When you sit outside really relaxing and enjoy the wind from the outside. Inside was really warm and I don't know why since is with aircond and fan.

Wait? What..they serve cake for dessert too! Looks like a bakery shop for me too! Haha

Lover for Croissant? Plain, Chocolate or with almond? 

Closer look for the material cupboard, lol. Baby say they really make drinks and the food taking the ingredients from here. I was what? Really meh? He say he saw them took the cranberry juice and the angel hair pasta from there. I really thought they just put for decorate purpose! How convenient is that you can design your interior and make use of the ingredient!

Bread bread bread!

Cute chef model.

 Cornbeef Angel Hair pasta RM29 with herbs and toasted bread. Baby mention it looks like meehon to him, but the taste is quite appetite with the olive oil and the herbs. I always wanted to try angel hair pasta and somehow their angel hair pasta is really thin. 


Penne Alfredo pasta RM23 Creamy, turkey ham, mushroom! All cooked by my favorite food. Surprisingly the taste is really very nice, not too creamy plus the ham is really crispy and I love the it! The cheese with the cream really taste great, the cheese enhance the creamy sauce taste. Never know that cheese can taste great mix with creamy pasta sauce. 

My White chocolate RM10 drink! First time order and drink this drink, not too sweet though. You can taste really nice and sweet taste of milk in the white chocolate. 

G3 Kitchen & Bar
Address: 19 Jalan Telawi 3, 
Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur, 

Phone:03-2282 9019

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