Woolaaa!! Here a short food post that me and church member went last weekend, Levain Boulangerie Patisserie. Its my first time here though. The environment is very comfy and comfortable. Their interior design is very Europe and classic design. I love this place immediately when I saw their design. I keep ask babe we should come here for photo shooting!! Haha! But the crowds who came here to eat is really full.  Levain is build in a nice cozy bungalow with 2 floors and the space is very spacious. It is a warm and lovely French-style bakery and café where you can savour soft, warm and superbly fresh breads and pastries while enjoying a cup of coffee.

Since we have more than 10 of us here, we manage to find 1 seats for us on the second floor. Although the space is limited but still we manage to sit together. They serve soups, spaghetti, pizza, breads and desserts too! When you just step into the cafe, you can smell freshly baked bread on your left side. You need to order and pay your food at the counter downstairs. Don't worry because they will bring your food to you, except of you have your bread in your bread tray. =D

Chicken Karaage Curry Rice RM12.80 Babe order. Since he wanted to have rice for lunch and since their rice is quite limited. Taste okay not very spicy.

Mango Pudding. 

Seafood Aglio Olio RM14.80 

Fruit Palova(Slice) RM8.80 Omg!! My favorite dessert of all. Is my first time know this dessert too! Is a 2 crip crust outside and inside is soft and light cream. Usually Palova serve with fruits. Many of is tried and said that is too sweet. But for me O really love the milk taste, is kind of addicting for me because I keep ate non stop.

Strawberry Yogurt RM8.80 Looks like an apple right! The outside is with strawberry jam and inside was strawberry and yogurt.  

Karaage Chicken Burger RM13.80 Beside normal western food, they have burger to be served too. The portion is quite big and the fries is quite nice!

Fettucine-Creamy Salmon RM21.80 The most expensive spaghetti in the menu, haha! Their creamy spaghetti is quite satisfying I did order mushroom soup too. The sauce is still taste okay, not too creamy.

Levain Beef Burger RM15.80 The sauce with the beef is very appetizing! The meat is quite thick and full filling.

Half & Half Pizza RM20.90 The half is seafood flavor and the half is normal cheese flavor. I just taste the seafood flavor and their shrimp is really chewy.

Next I will post their interior design that is super nice and europe feel!

I simply love this corner of design, with vintage curtain, lighting and the painting!!

Second floor design, with many pots, mostly their furniture is made by wood. Very relaxing and cozy environment.

Even the ceiling fan is in Europe style. I amazed by their design inside with superb Europe taste of design. The design details is very detail and elegant.

Every window is with their vintage sheer flower pattern curtain. Really love the design! The room we are having lunch.

The other room.

When I am in the outdoor, I was attract by it design and relax feel.

Outdoor design.

Simply love the ceiling fan and light stand.

Love this vintage clock.

Super got feel right!!

First floor dining place.

Since Levain is still a bakery shop, of cause there is bread! =D Freshly baked bread from their stone oven. 

Dessert counter.

Picture taken from http://www.levain.com.my/

Till Then.

Levain Boulangerie Patisserie
No. 7, Jalan Delima, 55100 Kuala Lumpur
+60 3-2142 6611

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