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Hola peeps, just like I say in the previous blog post I have alot of makan post waiting for me. I feel so happy because eating is 1 of my favorite things to do. Although I really gain some weigh recently!!! Kinda piss of but everyday working until 6pm for 12 hours is been a really tough day. So I haven't really got the chance to really exercise and going to gym doesn't seem to be a good place though. I still prefer jogging outdoor for some fresh air and sweat even more. But because of my work I really don't have time jogging!! After working nearly 12 hours per day, you can say that I will be very tired after that. Arghhhh I really need to go for exercise because I really beh tahan my big belly = = 

Please God please help me !!!>.<!!! I swear I am going to start exercise this Friday and please rain go away and come on the next day.

Okay, back to my blog post! Went to Avenue K and KLCC during the week of book fair. But we didn't went to book fair, because after movie is already quite late. So we are having our lunch and dinner at Avenue K. Hence, I will separate my lunch and dinner food post to 2 post because of too many photos. The lunch place we went is to the food court - Taste Enclave at Avenue K. When we first went there, I saw amaze by the design of the foodcourt. It feels like you been into an enchanted forest and rest within the ambiance. Is not like the normal food court you saw in KLCC or Pavilion but is a very classy and super nice design environment! Let me just show you guys some photo of the place =D

The main entrance.

Our Seat.

Super love this corner, Back to nature and the plants is real yo!


The fountain design is very like Alice in wonderland, with little rabbit, dry apricot, green grass. The view is simple amazing! When I first saw the design, I just fall in love with it and asked baby to help my take photo with it because the fountain is too cute!

The food court has it's name Taste Enclave. The name itself already proven it's territory of this wonderful dining place. The area is quite spacious, besides by the indoor design, they have mirror space too. If you want to enjoy view from outside you can sit here.

This teppanyaki design is very classy and elegant with the lighting and the cement table!

You can see mostly their design is decorate with green plants and back to nature theme. I totally fall in love with their design, love the green and plants.

This wall of design of the woody little house is totally amazing!

Saw these cute flower balls.

End of the shop around.

Foodie time, this Claypot chicken rice is not really that tasty although they have special Ah xian introduce. I really don't know why the taste turn out that sucks lar. But sorry the taste is not that we expected and the soup too.

I love my dish, the Roasted Duck is very nice and yummy.

Super big prawn wantan! Love it because is my favorite shrimp, and the shrimp is super juicy and fresh. The total sets of food we order is about RM20+ each.

End my post with me and my food! Behind the wall is fill with the plants and I feel like I am in the forest because while we are eating you can see the water spray is watering the plants. I feel quite amazed because I always love plants, and it is really important to have a nice and relax atmosphere while dining. I really like this place a lot because of its design. I take a small tour and take a lots of photo so that I can share with my readers! Be sure to visit Taste Enclave when you are at Avenue K, it's on the top floor!

Till then.

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