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Hello lovelies, gonna continue my dinner post at Wondermama that are located at Avenue K too! WonderMama is still new at Avenue K and I wanted to try their food since it is open there! After the movie, we went to shopping around Avenue K and found their Cotton on branch is super BIG. They have 2 floors and 1 floor they sell mostly woman and children cloths, and the second floor they sell many shoes, hat, lingerie's and some guys cloths! 

Found this minty straw hat that are very cute! I simply fall in love with the color and the mint color some how suits with my dress that day. But too bad I didn't bought it home because I really can't find a time to wear it out and I have not been to beach to enjoy my summer holiday =( LOL

Our couple body shot in front of the big mirror.

Here we are dinner at WonderMama.

We are table 10.

The space are quite limited. They have front part seats, mostly for 2 people or more that are with friends or family.

Love their blue color.

Dessert and Malay Kuih for Malays.


Their window is super Kampung Style. Their interior design is mostly in Malay Batik and Pattern. They sells mostly Malaysian varieties food and they serve western food too! 

Inside is share seats with high table and tools.


Their logo and badge. 

Love the light bulb hanging like this, simple and decorative.

Their chinese name for Wondermama X is 玩得妈妈, sounds funny xD

3 Layer Pandan RM8.50 This drink is quite a special drink, since my Baby love pandan so much. He love this drink! Make sure you stir it and even up all the 3 layers of the drink. The pandan taste is not too sweet and its really refreshing.

Macha Soy RM7 Since I can't really drink Ice drinks, so I choose this Macha with Soy Bean together. First time came across with this combination. Since both are my favorite drinks, I decided to give it a try! Actually for me not everyone can choose or try new drinks because it will be either taste super weird that you wouldn't want to drink or it will be so tasty and you will finish it. This combination surprisingly is not too sweet though, nice macha tea smell and the soy bean!

WM Durian Crepe with Ice Cream RM9.50 Actually this dish comes second and we were both surprise like WHY is dessert serve before our dish!? LOL And the ice-cream was like melting half way through = =. The taste is really very nice, you can taste corn flakes, nuts, cons and ice cream! Nice combination! The durian taste great too!

WM Pasta A La Carbonara Creamy sauce with bacon and spaghetti. The fried chicken is marmite taste and fried until very crispy. But the sauce is a bit creamy and hence my baby don't really like the taste. 

My WM Egg Yolk Fried Rice, taste normal but yet very fullfilling. Is cook with the egg yolk but not really taste the egg yolk taste though because I really love egg yolk as well. I am not sure but at first wanted to have WM Lady set but too bad is out of order. Since their dish mainly are nasi lemak and some other malay mee that are spicy, both of us can't really eat spicy food. Ended up we order some other dish and turns out their fried rice and spaghetti is not that high expectation! LOL But their drinks, desserts is quite good and special. Till Then peeps, Good nights =D

Wondermama X
G-8C, Ground Floor, Avenue K, 
156 Jalan Ampang, 
50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

(+60) 3 2161 2589


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