Hola peeps, another food post is up. Sorry guys but recently I have many many food post to post and I don't have many time to write a proper blog post too! So this post is really a quick and short post. I think I am quite a lucky girl because I have chance to taste many many nice foods with friends. I always spend my lunch and dinner with my friends and we always look for good food together. That's why I can share and post it up on my blog. I know many of the food post is been share and post by other blogger but I still wanted to share and let my readers know!

How do I search nice cafes from?
INTERNET!! Internet is the best sources for nice cafes and nice food! But not every online sources is reliable that's why we always search for few websites and confirm the sources. Another thing that we need to take note is that always looks the date of the post, after that search for the cafe main websites to confirm whether the cafe is still open or close. Because some of the online resources they wouldn't always update whether the cafe or restaurant they introduce is still in business also, so it has to depend on us to look for UPDATED information about the certain cafe we want to visit. 

EXPLORE NEW PLACES. Always go to some area which you haven't been before and explore that area. When you saw some new cafe, don't be afraid just went on in and tried their specialties! Every area have their own signature and famous coffee house that many people would love to go. So you can plan to visit new places every weekend and choose 1 famous cafe or restaurant to dine in and enjoy your weekend.

DARE TO TRY. I think is very important because when you are in a new cafes or restaurant you have to dare to try their food. If you really don't have any idea to decide what dish that you wanted to order, never afraid to ask what's is their signature dish and specialties. If not you might miss their delicious and yummy food! Food have different varieties too, such as western food, chinese food, vietnamese food, japanese food and many more. Nowadays, you can enjoy many food from other countries too! I think is a good experience that you can able to enjoy food from other countries while you are in Malaysia!

*This info is based on my own experience to look for nice cafe and restaurant.

Okay, back to my short food post! Firstly be prepare, because you will feel hungry after reading this post =D ENJOY reading~

They serve limited noodle choice and mostly only their signature noodles. Seafood noodle with 3 choice of soup, clear soup, tomyam and curry. RM20 for Regular and RM23 for Large. At first, we were all surprise with the price stated and we did order some of their signature noodle soup. But pity both of us because we kinda sensitive to anything spicy, we just order clear soup noodle and I order Salmon Fish Head noodle.


Yi Mai Bak Guo RM3.50. My favorite Tong Shui!

Ice drink.

Fried Classic Fish Cake RM6 I like their chili sauce, is kinda sweet and spicy. Not that usual chili sauce you can taste at outside.

Signature Thai Style Toufu RM7 Super yummy! Inside was super soft toufu and outside was so cripsy. I always like thai style sauce with toufu, the perfect mixed!

Classic Fishball Soup RM7.50

Seafood Curry Noodle.

Seafood Tomyam noodle. The soup is basically sour and tomyam taste. Not that strong aroma and tasty than curry noodle.

Seafood Clear Soup noodle. Soup with seafood taste.

Salmon fish head noodle RM12.50 Fried Salmon Fish head, tomato, old ginger, China salted vege, Shao Hsing cooking wine & evaporated milk. When it first serve, you can smell the wine and the taste of wine is quite heavy when you first ate. But slowly the wine taste was gone and I kinda like the taste of their soup. The fried fish head is very nice too, nicely fried and tried to eat carefully because it has many fish bone!

The BEST seafood curry noodle ever! I totally love the soup and the taste is delicious. The soup is taste with aromatic and strong curry taste. The seafood inside the soup is A LOT for a RM20 per bowl and you can eat quite long. Enjoying the fresh seafood and the soup together. Thanks Wayne for letting me try the curry seafood, it's really taste good and quite exciting while you eat and sweat, haha! Till Then peeps!


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