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Hola peeps, its been a great evening with my baby boy. Now busy blogging before I head of to bed xD Just finish my post about the 20 facts about myself and will continue to finish August food post with a BACK to SCHOOL theme @ Ecole P. Thanks to Adrian this small cafe is really very interesting and I think most of you guys already knew this place! 

Is my first time at Ecole P and the place is really blew me off with their really cute and nice concept design for adults like us. Their design really brings out the good memory when we were just primary school or even secondary school, haha! But the food is a bit pricey but if you are here to recall back your school time memory I guess it's still worth the price xD

Selfie with Michelle and

Pamela Dearie.

We got a Frog sermon that day xD

My bananananananana top from Rakutan, TokiChoi. 

Some of the extra classroom for our Bilik Maklumat, Perpustakaan, Koperasi and Sejarah. Did you miss all these subjects when you study in secondary school?

Miss this board when you can saw it around teacher's office. I guess since I am a teacher all these are really school things I always see at my school == LOL

Our Rukunegara pledge, we always pledge during assembly time after our national song.

When we are at Primary School, our class teacher will always ask us to think of 3 ambition what are we gonna do and be when we are grown up.

My grandmother kettle for water.

Oh!? Whose children bag is here xD

Any familiar school badge found?

All the childhood sweets~!

Their menu is the workbook.

SO hardworking

Colorful fan on the ceiling. The space is quite limited, since we have more than 10 person we have to sit outside.

Utensil in the pencil box.

Conan comic is in my primary and secondary school memory.

Drinks menu on the whiteboard.

All the subjects we study.

Wowla, some of the memorable quotes we always use during our primary school time.

Orange Mocha and their menu.

Their drinks are all in this childhood time steel cup.

This set is all the Subject's teacher tea. Mathematics Teacher RM8.90. Love the baby bottle drink, inside was the honey.

My pumpkin soup RM9.90 in the stainless steel 2 layer. 1 layer is the garlic bread that is real delicious. The pumpkin soup is awesome! They oven roasted pumpkin soup with sweet dried cranberry, savory salted egg yolk and beef bacon. Their dish to cooked this delicious is all yummy savory that I really love.

Coffe and bottle milk heh?

Fish A La Thai RM18.90 Pan fried chili and lime seasoned Black tilapia accompanied with thai mango sauce and thai basil linguine. Not very big portion of food, if you really a fan of black tilapia and wanted to try some special dish you can order this.

Discipline's Teacher RM8.90 
Cammolile + Goji + dates + Orange + Dried Longan.

Ecole Burito RM11.90

3 Emperor Baked Eggs RM14.90 Laced with bits of salted egg yolk & century eggs for a flavorful Oriental flourish, sausage meat & pumpkin cream, served with lovely fresh bread.

If you are a lover of egg this baked egg will definitely satisfied your taste bud!

Fish Asparagus RM 18.90 Another pan fried black tilapia served with oven roasted garlic mashed potatoes and asparagus pea puree. 

The fish is too salty, maybe accidentally added to much salt? But the garlic mashed potatoes is really delicious and yummy!

Nasi Kambing RM21.90 Turmeric raisin fried rice served with slow raisin spiced braised lamb.

I think is a very special dish, more to malay style nasi kambing. The meat was really tender and the spiced is really appetite! This dish is really worth the price.

Nasi Lemak Creme Brulee RM10.90 Serve with coconut Creme Brulee infused  with ginger and screwpin with chili berries "sambal" and roasted peanut, anchovies and cucumber.

When we first saw this dessert, we would like how's the taste will be when we eat it? The Chili berries "sambal" sauce, I think is really taste nice and sweet chili taste. But don't get me wrong, the sauce is just nice for the creme brulee they serve. The brulee is really smooth and nice to eat. Is a really interesting dessert to eat =D

Chicken tandoori Schnitzel RM 17.90 Pan fried bread crumbed honey brined chicken breast with tandoori marinate, served with garden salad, lemon accompanied  with homemade sauce.

Chicken Chop RM16.90 They reinterpretation  the Hanainese chicken chop. Deep fried fish biscuit crumbed chicken leg served with tangy appleslaw and mushroom sauce.

Seriously, although I asked they say this is quite a special dish. But what I think was, the taste is not that strong all I taste was quite a normal chicken chop. Many bones and hard to slice and eat..urgggghh

Ecole P Sago Gula Melaka RM9.90 Served with coconut milk, mango puree  and jackfruit puree companied by gula melaka. 

After the gula melaka. The taste is not bad, but the sago maybe is a bit too much and eat until very full and sticky.

Ecole P @ Damansara Uptown

New menu =D

If you are really wanted to enjoy the little interior design while enjoying your lunch or dinner. You can drop by at Ecole P and you will definitely enjoy it. I think will be suitable for working adults because the price per dish is not cheap. I hope some of the dish they can still improve and bring more and nice variety food for us. Their concept of their shop and the cooking style is really creative. I really enjoy with all the surprise they served to customer. Thanks and till then!

Ecole P
19m Jalan SS21/37, Damansara Utama
47400 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
03-7732 9711

Mon - Wed: 11:00 am - 3:00 pm, 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Fri: 11:00 am - 3:00 pm, 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Sat - Sun: 11:00 am - 10:00 pm

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