Hi to all the Hello Kitty lovers, please be aware with this post because this post will have alot of cute and lovely photos of Hello Kitty. Stay Calm and enjoy the photo! 

If you have follow my instagram @sharonxx28 you know that I been to Hello Kitty Meet and Greet session at Pavilion. The moment of meeting a big Hello Kitty is really very excited and nervous. The session of Meet and Greet is on the 21th of September, the time they set is 1pm, 3pm and 6pm. Since after church we have lunch fellowship with my church friends. Basically 1pm and 3pm is not applicable for me =P After a short nap, I get ready and wanted to meet my all time favorite cute cartoon HELLO KITTY!

We reached there around 5:20pm, and the queue already start. I think I was on the forth or fifth already. Thanks for my baby boy because he fetch and accompany me. I kinda regret because didn't wear Hello Kitty outfit because I forget about the meet and greet session before that. I saw some of the girls really change to nice cloths and purposely wear some accessories with Hello Kitty. But nevertheless that is one Hello Kitty fan will have is, they always own one Hello Kitty stuff in their bag. So I have my Hello Kitty Perfume handphone case and one Hello Kitty keychain hanging on my Coach Bag xD

Lucky me! =D

Selfie while waiting.

The board was all set up. Hello Kitty 4oth Anniversary will fall on the November 2014. I think when the month of November starts you will see many Hello Kitty merchandise will be selling around.

Finally Hello Kitty was out.

Why is She so CUTE!!!

If you are the first 20 who line up, you can get one free Polaroid photo with Hello Kitty.

Is my turn, I am so happy and Hello Kitty is kinda fluffy and soft to hug also. Feel so excited and can't believe I can take photo with my favorite Hello Kitty.

After the photo session, I remain there and took many photos of Hello Kitty. I keep snap her photo and scream in mh heart she is so cute! I think I'm kinda obsess with her cuteness.

Cuteness OVERLOAD!! She will act anxious, happy and cute action. I truly fall in love with her cute action LOL. Please just wake me up xD

Hello Kitty already success touch many people heart, including small kids and aunties as well!

Then I saw some selfie with her! I was super jelly LOL 

Let's hug before the photo.

Who doesn't love this cute Hello Kitty. Feel like wanted to hug her again.

Cute Hello Kitty with a cute boy.

Another main reason I keep take photos non stop is her cloths!! Is so PASTEL and PURPLE. Wearing my favorite color and the detail of her cloths is so cute! Pink and Purple with teddy have make her look so perfect on that day! 


I was really touch and happy because Hello Kitty sayang the small kids because the girl fall down when she walk up the small stage. Hello Kitty is so cute and lovely. 

Say cheese and act CUTE!


She is anxious because 1 girl cried when she saw her. Awww..who would cried over such cute Hello Kitty xD.

But nevermind, let's just take photo together ya.

Can't believe time pass so fast and Tokyo Street is 3 years old! Happy birthday!

It's Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary and we are invited to Hello Kitty Gathering at Nusajaya, Johor Bharu on November 1st 2014. But too bad I can't attend since I am working. But I'm gonna visit Hello Kitty town this December. YEAH, imma a happy girl right now. Sometime I will scroll the photos I took on that day and keep dreaming until I meet Hello Kitty again. But this experience is really fun and exciting because I will never forget my first time with Hello Kitty. 

For more info about Hello Kitty Town

Till then.

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