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Hi guys, food post about Korean Bbq that I went last weekend with friends. Its been long since I blog about Korean food. I have went to few Korean Bbq Restaurants but I always love Surawon Bbq. I still haven't find any nice Korean Bbq besides Surawon. Some other places serve quite expensive Bbq, and if you are looking really nice and affordable Bbq Surawon Bbq is really recommended.

Back to my post here, went here after the meet and greet session with Hello Kitty. When we reach here, was surprise to find a super nice and relaxing environment in all the housing area. Jung Won is really spacious and relaxing place. Show you guys their interior photo after my food photos.

Yeah, my first photo of my post. Bursting laugh when I saw this photo in my handphone, haha!

Samgyeopsa Pork Belly Rm55 The slices was quite thick. 

Beef slice RM30++ Thin Slice beef.

Start to BBq. The staff is very friendly they will ask us whether do we need to bbq our own or have them to help us bbq in the kitchen area. As you guys see the photo, we decide to bbq our own. But since we have 6 of us and 2 meat. They only allowed 1 bbq stove.

One things I love to eat korean food is they have many side dish. To our surprise they gave us a lots of side dish. Our table is full with all the side dish they served. 

Seafood pancake RM30 If you are here make sure you ordered this because their pancake is really delicious! Although I do not always Korean Pancake but we just give it a try and to our surprise the pancake is not flour taste at all and the taste of the seafood is really tasty!

Our rib beef stew Rm20+ Taste normal as you can see from the photo. Too many pepper but there are quite lots of beef and glass noodle!

Spicy Bean Paste Toufu Soup RM20+ Really Appetizing and Tasty. Beside the homecooked soup I like, I always love Korean spicy soup. Yummy and appetizing! 


Yummy bbq beef slice! I think if you can bbq on your own you can choose to bbq it longer until crispy or you just want it to be alright.

Our bbq beef slice. Overcooked until it was black color,lol.

The second round of our side dish. We didn't go anywhere for any second round instead we just chill here and enjoy the cooling environment. We got clam for our second round side dish, not as fresh as we thought. But we still craving for it!


Couple selfie with love.

Groupfie with our gang. Next will be post up many interior photo of Jung Won Korean BBQ Restaurant. 

Behind our seats, there are a small fish pond. They have this big water wheel in the middle of the pond. Inside the fish pond, they have turtle and many beautiful fishes as well.

This time is around 7pm++ the sky is still bright.

They have a lots of seats and the small seats with chairs or you can choose to sit on the floor.

Night time mode.

Pretty Fish burping water pond.

Chair seats are available too!

The trees and plants are well taken care!

Sorry for the low quality of the photos. During the night time, you can see the lights are on and the place looks quite romantic. There were many plants and small stones on the pathway. It was like a night garden to me.

I saw this was quite behind the restaurant. Saw this corner was really Europe Design, was super elegant.

Entrance in the night.

Not really remember the name and the price of the food. But overall their price is still affordable and their bbq still taste not bad. Not as tasty as we expected. But if you are looking for a nice environment with fish pond and sitting in open air, do come here and enjoy the fresh air with the bbq smell xD Till then!

Jung Won Korean BBQ
No.255, Jalan Ampang Hilir
50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Today 10:00am - 11:00pm
Phone 03-4257 5555

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