Yoohoo, finally have some time to update my blog. Because been busy on weekend and yesterday was my church 50th Anniversary. Finally it has come to an end, feel so happy and excited though. We been practice for few time before the real event, thanks God that our performance and dance are really great! I haven't dance for quite some time. But I still busy in work, student's robotics competition is so near. A bit stressed up in work but I will continue to pray and seek God for wisdom and patience.

This trip is a one day trip to Kuala Selangor. At first wanted to go Sekinchan but don't have time to go there because of my work. So we just have a short and near trip to Kuala Selangor. Around 50 minnutes to 1 hour journey, but there are a new highway and it can reach Kuala Selangor in a faster way. Our first stop for our trip is the Cendol Bakar near the kampung road. Because of our sudden stop, and Chew Aun car just turn in and hit a big stone to let another car turn out the road. But luckily my super big guy help to lift up the car Chew Aun's car finally manage to get off the stone xD

 Our Seat.

This cendol is super hit and crowds are really a lot. They been on Tv3 before for the Jalan Jalan Cari Makan tv show.

The price I think is still reasonable but you guys know that food in Malaysia keep increasing. They have drive thru as well for ppl who lazy to find parking plus their parking isn't that many.

Our Cendol VVIP and Durian Cendol. The Durian Cendol is really delicious and they really scoop the durian flesh into the cendol hence the durian smell is really strong. This cold cendol is just nice for a hot weather!

Kuey Teow.

Yummy Keropok Lekur.

Our next station is Bukit Malawati. Taking selfie inside the tram.

Sitting with the pretty girls. 

Some of the view while we are riding the tram up to the hill.

Up the Bukit Malawati. Bukit Malawati once was the war place for the army. That's why they have the canon and light house.

The light house is not opened to visit but you can just see it from far.

Selfie with the light house.

The light house and the tree view looks like I'm at other country.

Besides from the canon and the light house, the place had a lot of MONKEYS!!! woohoo~

Is really a lot like whole tree or area were belong to them.

Can't believe this is how their kids monkey look like but the adult monkey was black hairy.

They really keep eat non stop. Looks super funny and cute!

There have museum and the makam diraja. 

We staying up there for quite some time, watching the monkey and waiting for the tram to come up. The tram continue to drive us to another place, and we can visit some of the other places. This Taman Alam and the Small Aquarium for fishes. But since we are all tired and we didn't stop by but continue back to our car.

Third destination is the fish village. We went to see beautiful sea view and sunset view.

Boat for fisherman.

There are 2 restaurant near the river.

Two gay boy.

Our dinner of the day. Really can't say their food is very delicious or yummy. Because most of their food is Halal, that's why not many of the seafood and dish was really that great, LOL.

The seafood is not that tasty and really taste weird lol. When you taste it, the taste always taste less some spice or flavor.

Crowd in the restaurant.

View of the fishing village.

Before we left Kuala Selangor, we had chance to watch this beautiful sunset. The sunset is really looks great and amazing. It was a happy and fun trip with my church friend. We bought some biscuit and keropok back to KL for our family. Feel great to watch some breath taking view and the monkeys is really a great experience. Hope to visit here again, maybe can go Sekinchan for more delicious seafood! Till Then.

Some of the view when we are sitting the tram. Hope you guys enjoy watching =D

Bukit Malawati
45000 Kuala Selangor, Selangor

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