Hi guys, a beauty review is up and sponsor by Natta Cosme. Thanks for their love always sponsor their wonderful product to us! This time Natta Cosme introduce a super cute product by Miss Hana. Their Lip Balm Crayon is really a cute and nice product to use. I have been using many Miss Hana product such as their eyeliner and some of their lips product. I am very happy because have the chance to try Miss Hana Lip Balm Crayon.

Have you ever think of Lip Balm came with Crayon design? What is crayon to you guys? When we are still in primary school, we always use crayon during Arts period. It always been my favorite period during primary school. Since when we grow up, we didn't use crayon anymore. It has been replaced by water color or computer fill in color. When I received this product from Natta Cosme, I was really excited and start to thinking how should I draw their postcard as my childhood memory. If you guys are patient enough, you can see what I draw on the postcard in the end of my post =D

When I received their beauty box, I saw they have a box design came with black. I was in love with the box because definitely it was more classy and edgy look compare to the previouse box design.

Agree with the quotes? Do you guys miss your childhood memory?

Ta-dang, their empty postcard and Miss Hana Lip Balm Crayon!

Lovely writing and will post back to them after I draw the postcard =D

Miss Hana Lip Balm Crayon and Faber Castle Wax Crayon.

I got Miss Hana Lip Balm Crayon Purple Sakura Season 01 and Miss Hana Lip Balm Crayon Moulin Rouge Diva 05. 

Have you seen Sakura in Japan before? This Color brings out the super sweet pink of the flower Sakura. At first when you apply the color is really vibrant and bright. But slowly you'll get used of the color and the color turns out to a very pretty pink color. Suitable for a lady and feminine look, such as to work or date out with your love one.

Selfie with my new Miss Hana Lip Balm Crayon.

Color of my lips after applied. 

Wearing this piece with Miss Hana Lip Balm Crayon Purple Sakura Season 01 

Another vibrant color from Miss Hana Lip Balm Crayon. Have you notice that each of the name of the Lip Balm Crayon is from country name? Mounlin Rounge is a cabaret from Paris. Diva is a popular actress or famous singer in the world of opera. But you don't have to be a Diva to own their lip balm, you can easily purchase at Natta Cosme. This color is more bright orange and suitable for chic and sophisticate look. You can create a super sexy and rock look with this color! I always love lip color more to orange and coral color. It will make my skin look brighter after I applied.

With Miss Hana Lip Balm Crayon Moulin Rouge Diva 05

Color of Miss Hana Lip Balm Crayon Moulin Rouge Diva 05 after applied.

Acting Cool with Miss Hana Lip Balm Crayon Moulin Rouge Diva 05.

Swatches of Miss Hana Lip Balm Crayon. Their texture is really very smooth and soft. Do not press hard while you use because this lip balm is really very easy to use and the color easy to show out when you apply it softly!

Behind the Lip Balm have their certificate of recognition and their lifespan is 3 years.

[How to maximize the period of putting Miss Hana Lip Balm Crayon?]

[Benefit of using Miss Hana Lip Balm Crayon]

Keep your lips well moisturised and protected from harsh and dry environments, especially for you ladies that spend hours under office air-conditioning, which tends to leave your lips and skin dry, resulting in chapped lips. With several colours to choose from, you can easily achieve a natural lip colour, and repair your dry or damaged lips as well!

[ Increase Your Charm ]
- Use at any time, release and moisturise lip all day.
- Apply lip balm crayon before bedtime, your lip still keep tender when you wake up.
- Bicycle riders wear face mask, can protect yourself from dry lips that caused by sands.
- Reduce licking lips.
- Do not rip off the lips dry skin.

[ Especially Suited For ]
- Chapped lips
- Dry lip 

[ For Best Effect ]
Moisturizing chapped lips, repairing dry lip.

[ How to Use ]
Evenly apply on the lips, you can easily made your lips natural color.

[ Note ]
- To maintain the quality of the product, to avoid placing at extremely high temperatures, extremely low temperatures and direct sunlight.
- Please keep out of reach of children.
- Do not use if wounds or abnormalities. During use/ after use, skin appears flushed, abnormal swelling, itching or pain, stop using it immediately and consult a physician.
- Please do a skin test stimulation before use.

My childhood memory since I was small kids is SAILORMOON. I don't know about others but during my childhood I always dream being princess and like to make over to princess. Wear my mum heels and make up when my mum was not at home xD Until now Sailormoon have remake although their graphic is different but I still will amaze by their make over change to Sailor Soldier. I think somehow deep inside every girl heart wish to be a princess someday and find their prince charming in their life.

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Till Then.

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