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Hi peeps, will gonna blog about my paintball post that I played last 2 weekend. It was mainly a fellowship between our church worship team. Yeah, you're right by shooting, LOL. We have 42 of us who were joining the paintball game. We have some others from our church Care Group member to join and even pastor. Sounds cool right, haha. We gather there at 1pm and we went to Canyon Paintball at Bandar Utama.

Briefing and waiting for others.

We need to drive up a small stone hill and park along the hill. When you up the small hill we can heard the sound of the marker shoot out, mostly we girls was scare because of the speed and the loud hit sound.

Some interior design of the area. 

Counter and cold drinks for sale.

After the game we gather at this area, sorry for the super out focus photo.

Our marker, so called the paintball gun. Mostly they call it marker because they say the paintball game is using this marker to mark the paint on their body. The gun are cool but it was quite heavy for girl.

Vest for protection on our chest.

Not forget the face mask too. It a must to wear it all time during you are in the game field. Whether you are in the game or just watching, it's a must to wear. You can see their referee is wearing too although they are not playing. They say the paint from the Marker can go through the net as well.

Every Marker gun is cover with the marker sock. This socks is to prevent the color paint to shoot out accidentally. Because the pain from the marker paint is NO JOKE. It will definitely cause you BLUE BLACK if the skin part such as finger and thigh it will be scratch and you can see blood, LOL. So when you are standby, or dead in the safe house. You have to put the maker sock on and your head mask.

Map for the paintball field.

Our second match here. We been divided to 4 teams and each teams have 10-11 members. Since we are still new and 10 in each team. We are playing Last man standing, meaning you have to mark down all opponent teammates. We have decided to play 5 minutes per match. Don't look down by the time because you will die easily if you didn't aware. Since we have 4 teams and need to have champion team, 2nd and 3 prize. 

We played in 2 different field. The first field it was more further inside the place. The area is more spacious and is on flat ground. It was more on wooden bunker and more wood! After the first match, we decided to move on with the 2 lowest marks team and the 2 highest marks team in the first match. No photo because too focus on the game.

The second field is shown as above but not much detail because we are watching above from the net. This match we are in the lower part of the ground and the opponent is on the higher ground. This field is more narrow and steep. Not much wooden bunker but plastic and barrel. We got the last place after the match but nevertheless it was a nice one.

My team-Delta Team.

With all the other team.

We get serious first.


Getting our vest, mask and marker.

Really a heavy marker. 

Walking to the field.

My #sharonootd for PAINTBALL. 

What to wear for paintball?
1. Dark clothing. ( black,green,dark blue or brown)
Try not to wear bright color to become the most obvious human who wanted to be shoot.
2. Wear Bandana (feel not necessaries)
Since we are wearing head mask right. The head mask is really heavy and stuffy already.
3. Wear Long sleeve and Long Jeans to protect your hand and legs
They just provide vest for cover chest front and back. Mostly girls has skinny hands and legs. Although jeans is hard to move around but it has the most thicker material to protect your leg. Prefer no leggings or jeggings.
4. Wear sport shoe
We have to move around mud and grass.
5.Wear old clothing
I'm not sure about the paint is washable or not. But most of us wear old cloth that can be dirty with mud or even color. Color paint is old based and I think it should be easy to wash off. But still recommended wearing your old dark clothing xD Including jeans.

What to do/not to do
1. Drink plenty of water
The set of vest and head mask is really stuffy so it make all of us sweat alot. Just drink plenty of water when you finish your game.
2. Try to get rest after the game
Because the game was too excited and nervous. After the game I was totally exhausted and the stuffy vest make me hard to breath and heartbeat was super fast.
3. Tie your Hair up(girls with long hair)
Just don't get messy hair after sports.
4. Do not wear spectacles/ short pants
Spectacles under the headmask is not really convenient Mosquitoes everywhere.
5. Do not take up the color ball that drop out on the floor and USE it.
Because it contains dust and it will spoil the Marker.

Will it be dangerous for girls?
No, but just enjoy it. Although I was really scared off in the beginning but when you played and enjoyed it. You actually can't stop playing and enjoying it! It was so much fun~ Since my height is 156cm, I mostly get shoot on my head mask, haha! Don't worry the mask because it was super protective and the color won't hit in your eyes! I didn't got any hit on hand or legs and most importantly no blue black. Not sure maybe because we girls don't always straight and rush to front line. But we'll just back up and get less hit. You can always ask help from their referee because their referee is super friendly, love it! 

Basically got hit on my face and neck area part. Not any serious hit like the guys, haha! But if you are good at hiding, you won't be easily get shoot. Just play smart lar and Be Aware of other people =D About the pricing and area, you can just join their group at facebook. 

Canyon Paintball

Till then.

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