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Ohai!! Another food post is out, I still have like 2 food post to post. But all the food is really highly recommended because you can search online about it. Although babe once ask me, why do you review cafe that many bloggers have been review before? But To me, I still find writing blog is really a happy things to do. Writing and sharing is really fun! 

I really thought about why must we blog for the sake of earning money? Although who doesn't love money? But I treat blog as my hobby and although I set myself to update 3-4 times per week. But doesn't sounds like a work to me? But I find joy in writing blog and it doesn't stop me. I still can find time to update, and weekend I will be enjoying my fellowship with friends and my loved one. 

Last Saturday we went to Breadfruits after I saw some nice introduce about this restaurant. The area is still near to us and within 15 to 20 minutes journey we can reach Sri Hartamas area. This place still have a lot nice food to dine in, I'll guess I will visit here more after work =D

Breadfruits - Fruits and Bakery

Their famous Luncheon Pasta is this! I am coming just to try this.

Brunch Pasta with 7 minutes egg. RM17.80 When you are here make sure you try this. You can saw many customer here came here just to try this dish.  The egg is really looks cute and awesome right. The dish is prepare with sauteed mushroom, bacon, rocket and the 7 minutes egg. Make sure you pour out the egg and mixed it together with their carbonara pasta. The pasta will taste smooth and delicious with the egg. I love the sauteed mushroom too, yummy!

Looks the perfection of the egg yolk xD 

We order 2 pasta for lunch. Feel like wanted to their french toast as well, but the price is definitely quite pricey. But maybe you can bring your friend and both of you can share together ya!

Chardonnay Tuna Basil Pasta RM17.80 Baby order this. This pasta order is just below the Brunch Pasta with 7 minutes egg. Cook perfectly with the chunky tuna, fresh and juicy tuna, love it! They have fresh basil, Caper and Wine Chardonnay. 

The taste was really fresh and taste really good when you eat it! It was really a healthy pasta. The caper and the wine chardonnay really make this pasta appetizing and you wouldn't taste boring when you eat it.

Healthy drink Kickstart Detox RM8.90(regular) Blend with cucumber, watermelon and apple. Because my stomach is not been well, wanted some drinks to detox my stomach. But I really hate CUCUMBER!!

Passion Honey RM9.90 Passion Fruit with wild honey. Baby boy really loves this drink since its passion fruit. The passion fruit is really fresh and taste sour and sweet! 

The place is really not that spacious. You can see people lining up waiting for seats, if you don't want to wait long make sure you'll be here early. Front part seats is more to 2-3 people seats, and behind seats was more to 4 to family.

I figure out that I love to observe lighting in 1 restaurant or cafe. You can mostly I love to shot the lighting because that was make the restaurant or cafe special. Whether the ambiance was really comfortable or relax, so yeah lighting of a restaurant or cafe is really important!

Fresh fruits too! Look the mangoes was really tempting. 

Wild honey for sales!


Menu for drinks on the board. Some customer and foreign customer would always come and order 1 of their drink and take away. Their detox juice and the wild honey series have been highly recommended.

End my post with couple selfie of us! I been thinking I have not been posting our couple selfie for some time. Although baby boy told me that since I am writing food post why shouldn't I post our photo. But I just don't care, I just love to be who I am because that's who I am. And HEY I really love today couple Tee we wear that I bought at Penang last year, haha! 

If you are a first timer, you'll need to register upon order. Because at Breadfruits they have a lots of customer, so that's their their rules if you want to dine in. They have breakfast platter as well, and their breakfast set is really delicious as well. Should their breakfast when we are again! That's all for today post, Till Then.

Opening Hours: Daily, 8.30am - 9pm
No. 17, Jalan 26/70a, 
Desa Sri Hartamas, 
50480 Kuala Lumpur. 
Tel: +603- 6201 0090

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