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Hi peeps, a short food post here for this week. I still haven't post my food post this week and finally I have finish edit Feeka photo. We went to Feeka last 2 weekends. We went there for dinner and some relax time. The lighting inside Feeka is not very nice because mostly my photos is from my handphone and my baby new handphone. Hope you guys don't mind reading =))

Feeka Coffee Roaster located at Jalan Mesui. The design is actually terrace house but renovated to coffee house. You can find many nice coffee, pubs and hotel at that area as well. Try to go that area with friends, because that area have alot of foreign worker there at night. Feeka also serve breakfast that recommend by many bloggers. Since is dinner time, we didn't have heavy food.

My hot chocolate and Vanilla Milk Crepe RM11 Hot chocolate for the night. I order 1 of their crepe cake as well.

Feeka Barista is really talented and is my first time see this beautiful latte art. I really love it. But I can't really figure out what is this pattern. Swan latte art?

Precise drawing. 

Vanilla Milk Crepe RM11 per slice I love their crepe cake, the layer of the cake is really thick and the cream vanilla is not too sweet. You can taste the crepe and vanilla when you taste it. The taste is really heavy and you can just easily filled you stomach with this yummy Vanilla Milk Crepe.

Our dessert.

Meatball Pasta RM18 Feeka own meatball in tomato sauce and grated parmesan.

Don't look down on their sauce because it was spicy because of the herbs in the sauce. The sauce is mixed with their Parmesan. 

Surprisingly the meatball taste great! With fresh minced beef and other herbs.

Chargrilled Chicken RM18 Chargrill leg of chicken, served with brown sauce and cheesy corn salad.

My order of the day. Fresh chicken and the Char-grilled sauce is really special. At first when I eat it, I am not used to the taste. But slowly the taste really mixed well with the brown sauce. The Cheesy corn salad was really appetizing, the cheese is really mixed well with the salad. The corn is crispy too!

Stick and Fries RM24 Grass fed minutes steak, served with soggy fries and cream pepper sauce.

The Steak is really delicious. Cook until just right and the cream pepper sauce is awesome! The steak is really tender and soft, highly recommended.

The soggy fries is really delicious too, not the crispy type buy soft inside. All of use love the fries and the fries sauce is appetizing, yummy!

Salsa Seabass RM21 Pan seared seabass served with tomato salsa smashed potatoes.

Juicy seabass! Don't fooled by the dark dry outer but the fish meat inside is still juicy and fresh. I can just say that, Feeka served really nice food and the dish here is really surprise me because it was really delicious. Feeka doesn't just served nice coffee and dessert. But it serve really yummy food as well =D Love it!

Love their light design. In Feeka, they didn't have really complicated design. But just a really simple and cozy coffee house. Creative light bulb design, sofa seats for relaxing coffee time with friend, sit by the mirror if you want to enjoy the scenery or even outside seats with friends too! Feeka have successfully create their own small coffee house with many coffee lovers at Feeka. Till Then.

Feeka Coffee Roasters
Address: 19, Jalan Mesui, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 2110 4599
Opening hours: Mon – Sun, 8am – 12am
GPS Coordinates: 3.149322,101.707928

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  1. Do you cafe hop too? I have yet to try out Feeka although I've heard about it numerous times ^^

    Btw dear, I saw that you wanted to enter tinto the Korea Nail Sticker giveaway. Please enter the contest through the "rafflecopter" embeded in the post below to be eligible for the draw ^^


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    1. hi dear~
      Yeah, I'm a cafe hop too =D Saw your post about cafes too, happy that we shared the same interested in blog =D Do go and try it, will not regret it =)

      okay, thanks!