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Hi guys, I have few food post going on and hope you guys can enjoy reading it! Been to many cafes last weekend until my stomach has not digest clearly, sigh. So back to this September food spree at Petaling Street. Not really taste and ate many nice food here because mostly we had try before. I wanted to come back here is because I have not been here for quite long time. But we just mingle here around and just manage to visit this old porridge shop Hon Kee. I always like to eat porridge because it was a healthy food although the taste is not very heavy. But that's what I love about porridge. Simple yet healthy.

Our first station was the porridge, there are more nice food in Petaling Street too. But too bad we didn't manage to try all. You can easily search it online about the good food at Petaling Jaya. We manage to try this porridge, their chi cheong fun and muachi. Of cause, Coffee Amo is at here as well! If you wish to read post about coffee amo please visit here, Tea Time @ Coffee Amo and my shooting post at Petaling Street as well - [OOTD] Boyfriend x Street Look.

A really old but full of memory stall here at Petaling Street.

This stall has been recommended by newspaper, book and even internet!

The boss lady is preparing food for customer.

Manage to take photo with her as well =D

Been here at Petaling Street since 1949!

Their porridge and the Chee Cheong fun is highly recommended!

We order 1 plate, with their famous Red Sauce Chee Cheong Fun.

The taste is really unique and tasty! The sauce is really appetizing. The taste is abit sweet and salty taste.

Lai lai lai, the famous Sang Yu Chuk (Raw Fish Porridge). Of cause mostly the porridge at Hon Kee is really tasty but if you want to try something different. You can order this porridge! There are still other porridge to be order ya.

Surprisingly the porridge texture is really smooth and nice. The texture is not lumpy and gluey feel like other porridge outside. When you are eating, you can see their working is stirring the big of porridge in the kitchen.  So that's the secret of their porridge. The serving is really fast, they already cook in the pot. The raw fish they just serve and put the celery on top. The celery and onion is really not my kind of dish la.

I manage to push away the smelly vegetable and put only raw fish inside the porridge. The fish is really fresh although we been there around 1pm. The fish slice is really thin, I wonder the skill is really amazing lol. Wonder why must the fish slice until thin?

Ta-dang! The fish slice is no longer raw! WHY!? Hon Kee Porridge serve hot porridge and the eating of the Fish Raw Porridge is to put slices of raw fish inside and stir it until the raw fish become fresh fish slice. If you scare the smell of raw fish, you can try added some soy sauce and pepper before you dump the raw fish slice into the porridge. Although I always eat sashimi or salmon, but this kind of eating raw fish is really first time. I really was scare and wonder will it be fresh enough to eat? will it cause stomach pain after eating? But truly I tell you guys, you definitely don't have to worry about this! The taste was really tasty and no rawness of the fish slice was taste. Yummy! I really love their effort of cooking and making Hon Kee porridge such popular.

Hon Kee Famous Porridge
93, Jalan Hang Lekir,
KL Sentral,
50000, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +6012-2276281
4am - 2:30pm

Another small stall is this Muachi stall, we bought 1 pack as our dessert.

Cute aunty!

Yummy Machi to be serve!

You can see her stall stick with many newspaper about her this muachi stall. I really admire this aunty and I always love to see her around when I come Petaling Street. Her muachi is really da best! With many flavour and the muachi is really chewy. Please drop by at her stall when you saw her, won't regret buying her muachi.  Easy to recognise, because you can hear her voice through speaker at her stall, 滑溜溜麻芝!

Till Then.

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