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Hi peeps, finally have some time to write my Hello Kitty post that I shoot last month. Last weekend we just stay at home, plan our flight and trip to Bangkok!! Finally we plan out and decided our flight to Bangkok, can't wait to been there and need to start planning now. Any nice place to introduce? Been finding interesting places to visit at Bangkok and feel excited and anxious because can't wait to visit all the nice place at Bangkok.

Have a really fun paintball with my church WAME team. The excitements and anxiousness is really can't be describe, haha! To much fun and happy bonding

Back to my post, I finally own this Hello Kitty Bubbly World after waiting for months. Let me tell you guys how I get it. At first when this series of Hello Kitty is out at McDonald Singapore, I was so happy because this series is WAY TOO CUTE to resist! I want it so badly and too bad is not out at Malaysia yet :(( But my baby manage to cool me down and told me Malaysia will soon out this series as well. So I have no choice right but just have to wait. Secretly my baby manage to contact my aunt that stays at Singapore. She helps my baby to buy it online when this series start to sell at Singapore McDonald websites.

But I have not been told and somehow my cousin accidentally ask me about this matter. Only I realize and I was really touch and happy at the same time. I received this set during August. It has been at My auntie house for sometime, when she came to Tangkak. She bring along and puts it in my cousin house. My mum went back to her hometown during Public Holiday and she took it back to KL and pass it to my baby! What a long and harsh journey my Hello Kitty set have been through. 

Meet all the lovely and cute characters! See how Bubbly they are.

Bad Badtz - Maru
Hello Kitty is dressed up as Bad Badtz-Maru! Who is Bad Badtz-Maru? It is a really mischievous little penguin who doesn't like anything but himself and doesn't mind saying so. He collects  posters of movie villains for as hobby  and attracts a lot  of attention when he walk with his pet, alligator, Pochi.

Black and white color. Love its eye with that mischievous look xD

Pops out a cute red ribbon as Hello Kitty.

Osaru Monkichi 
Hello Kitty is dressed up as Osaru Monkichi! Monkichi is crazy about puns and is very easy going. Once he get going there is no slowing him down! He loves banana and can eat 10 in one minute! He dreams of one day become a poet!

I guess Monkichi is really friendly and happy go lucky monkey! Hello Kitty has big belly now~ haha xD

Hello Kitty is dressed up as Pompompurin is a boy golden retriever with a trademark brown beret. He loves milk, anything soft, and his mama's cream caramel puddings. He also has a talent for napping and can make friends with anyone.

Since he is such a good and gentle retriever who doesn't like him :)) The beret is really look cute.

Hello Kitty is dressed as Tuxedosam! Tuxedosam is a young penguin from the Antarctic island of Tuxedo, who owns a dapper collection of 365 bow ties. He speaks impeccable English thanks to exchange study in Britain. More amazingly, his height, bust, waist and hips are all measure exactly 100cm.

Cute red bow in the outfit as Tuxedosam. As a cute little gentleman penguin. 

Hello Kitty is dressed up in Kerokerokeroppi! Keroppi lives with his brother, sister and parents in a big house called the Kero Kero house on the edge of Donut Pond, the largest and the bluest pond  around. He loves adventure, and his bubbly personality make him popular among friends.

Keroppi is so cute with its big round eye and the red stripes outfit is looking great!

My Melody
The one I most love because it was really cute. Hello Kitty is dressed as My Melody. My Melody lives in the forest of Maryland with her mother, father and mischievous little brother Rhythm. Her most treasured possession is her adorable that her grandmother made specially for her.

With her box. Behind is My Melody in cartoon. Maybe because of its color white, this was the most bubbly Hello Kitty I get, haha! So fat Hello Kitty, oh my~

But is way TOO CUTE!

When you bought it online, you will have their certificate as well. Feel so proud lar, because finally own this full set of Hello Kitty that belongs to ME 

Behind the certificate you saw this colorful of all the Lovely Hello Kitty Bubbly World cartoon.

The original of this sets, each have this M stitching in all their leg. A significant of McDonald icon.

Happy family of Hello Kitty Bubbly World.

See how bubbly the box with the bubble design! I really love this series because it was the combination of all the cute Sanrio cartoon. All these been Sanrio creation and It was a honor to see them collaborate together as the celebration of 40th Anniversary of Hello Kitty. That is why this set is really authentic and precious to me.

Most important is, I finally own it now! Thanks to my Baby boy, my mummy and my Auntie aka Kai Ma. I was really touch and grateful because I got many loves from them. Till Then.

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