Hi peeps, today will be blogging about this LIEBSTER AWARD that I got nominated by Sin Yee(http://www.childish-paroles.com/). Thanks for the nomination and is been my honor to received this award. Thanks SIN YEE!!

Let's just start with some simple rules about this Liebster Award .

1. Thanks the person who has nominated you and post a link in their blog.
2. Display the Liebster Award on your blog.
3. Answer 10 questions about yourself given by the blogger who has nominated you.
4. Provide 10 random facts about yourself.
5. Nominate 8-10 blogs with less than 300 followers that you feel they deserve the Liebster Award.
6. Create a new sets of questions for your nominees to answer.
7. Post the rules on your blog.
8. Tag your nominees so they know that they are receiving the award from you.

So let's start the first part of the Liebster Award. Here's the answer of mine to Sin Yee's blog!

1. Who/What inspired you to blog?

I can't recall who inspired me to blog but when I saw those famous blogger who are so successful that motivate me to continue blogging. I just love blogging and sharing good stuff to others. I just blogged and shared my thoughts and until I learn to be an AWESOME blogger when I start to expand my social media.

2. What is the most memorable/happiest experience during blogging?

Getting known by others. It's just feel great when I went to a workshop and some random people just came to me and asked, Are you a blogger? Maybe is a normal experience when you always attend event outside but for me I really feel happy.

3. What you dislike the most when blogging?

I really dislike advertorial post but that's what blogger earn money from and expand your reader view. But I guess if the product or food really was nice and got the chance to review it, why not. You see, human are that complicated.

4. What is the reason which procrastinates you to write?

Mostly busy life style when you are working. Weekend are off for me mostly because that's the day I spend time with family and friend.

5. Who/What keep you writing?

The Passion of Blogging. Maybe some others will not understand it but for bloggers, you will know what I mean. It's become my hobby too and I can't imagine life without blogging.

6. Where is your hometown? State one place you will introduce me to go if I am going to visit.

My hometown will be at Kuala Lumpur. If one place that I will introduce to is to Malacca. That's where I always be whenever I am outstation. Go for Jonker Street and Malacca historical house.

7. What is the daily skincare/beauty routine you never missed?

Cleanser and Toner. Maybe I will skip moisturizer or serum but cleanser and toner is a must for everyday, morning and night.

8. What is your favorite food? Why?

Japanese Cuisine. Because they serve delicious and tasty salsom sashimi and miso soup! I love many food from Japanese Cuisine, haha!

9. If you got the chance to choose a celebrity as your tour guide, who will you choose? Why?

Wow, it will be my great honor if I got the chance to choose 钟嘉欣 as my tour guide!
Because she is so pretty and wanted to meet her in person, my boyfriend loves her drama a lot too!

Who is your favorite blogger? Why you love him/her?

Mummy Blogger - Xiaxue, Fourfeetnine and Cheeserland
I love them because they have all the blessing for becoming an awesome blogger in among Asia. I love their lifestyle and their super fashionista style of a Mummy!

Fashion Blogger - JessicaChaw, Lovelumi 
I love them because I simple love their style and they are both pretty. I met them before and they are friendly and nice. I am happy and excited because meeting them is part of blogging journey.

Taiwan Blogger - 花猴大曼大力Honeyqueen, 七七函
All these are some of the Taiwan blogger that I really like! It's feel great to see their fashion sense and since I am a great fan of Taiwan's fashion. I always get inspired by reading their blog.

Part 2 will be some 10 random facts about myself.

1. I am a really happy and cute girl.
2. I am better in typing than express my own-self.
3. My Chinese is better than my English.
4. I am a really easy satisfied person but not in shopping LOL.
5. I am once study diploma in Multimedia Design.
6. Have a hate and love relationship with my student.
7. I am not good in communicate with people, shy lol >////<
8. I always tend to forget easily.
9. Easily Get Fat but lazy to go for sport.
10. I want to change the position I am now away from my comfort zone.


Part 3 will be the blog I wanted to nominate for Libster Award.

1. Miss Caroline Lzt http://zt-line115.blogspot.com/

The 10 Question to my Nominees.

1. What/ Who motivates you to keep blogging?
2. What is Blogging means to you?
3.How often do you blog?
4. Do you remember since when you start blogging?
5. How would you like to improve in blogging?
6. Which cafe would you like introduce/recommend to me?
7. What is your favorite everyday wear?
8. What is your hobby, except blogging?
9. Who is your favorite blogger and why?
10. What do you think about my blog?

Finally I have finish my post and it's really make me spend time thinking about the answer and question too. Hope you guys enjoy this post and so do my Nominees too! Hope they can have fun answering all the 10 question. Remember to tag me when you have answer all the question. Till then.

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  1. if i didnt click into ur blog really don't know got nomiated lo ==hahahah will do it when im more free

    1. I will tag you guys when I back home xD Don't worry

  2. hahaha didnt know i got nominated too! by the way you are right! human are really complicated! hahah