Hi peeps, any vegetarian fans out there? Recently know this healthy restaurant at Lot 10 when I went there for a media invite. This restaurant really surprise us in their food and design. Although I am not a vegetarian lover but I still love to eat vegetables as long it is tasty and healthy.

Many of us know that eating vegetarian is a healthy lifestyle. But not many of us fond of eating vegetarian because we are get used to our meat lifestyle. I love fried chicken alot, LOL. But sometimes we just have to try some vegetarian food and the taste is really delicious. Nowadays there are many modern vegetarian restaurants, you can enjoy delicious yet healthy vegetarian food. Simple Life restaurant is really a elegant and relax restaurant. If you just pass by but not notice their board, I bet you wouldn't know that this is a Vegetarian Restaurant.

Simple Life, Healthy Vegetarian

Seaweed Springroll RM8++ Seaweed springroll been my favorite food list. When I saw this was available in this restaurant, I straight away order.

Inside was wrap with carrot slice and some crunchy bites.

Outside was with seaweed wrap and mayonnaise.

Sweet Corn Multi-Grain Porridge RM13.90 

I order porridge because just having late lunch just now. But to my surprise and don't fool by the outer. This porridge can really share among 2 person.

I finish 3-4 bowl but the porridge is still a lot inside. As usual, I still don't like the smelly vegetable and herbs. I somehow know that it was good for our body but I just hate it, LOL.

The taste of the porridge is smooth and tasty. Inside was cooked with many dish, mushroom, potato, carrot, corn and etc. It was cooked by brown rice as well.

Body Detox Juice RM8.50

Squeeze with fresh Carrot, Tomato and Lemon Juice. Helps to improve bowel function, reduces risk of prostate cancer. Basically helps me to go more toilet, haha! 

Organic Beancurd Hot Pot RM18.90

Really a worth set because serve many dish and the dish is really appetizing and delicious too!

Just realized that Vegetarian love mushroom alot! 

The sauce is really tasty, with no added msg and preservative!

The set have soup, salad, small vege and snack.

The restaurant separate into 2 parts, you can easily saw the spacious dining place when you are in the 2nd floor. 

Mostly customer sit outside the dining area, but the kitchen and cashier are inside the shop.

Come and enjoy their healthy vegetarian food!

Inside interior is really nice as well! Comfy seats and simple wall deco.

Love the photo!

Outside was basically drink bar. All the fruit juices and drinks are here.

You can take away their healthy fruit juices as well =D

Love their fences surround the restaurant! With the tree and white fence, looks cute but simple design.

No doubt is still a new restaurant here at Lot 10. Nowadays people is having busy lifestyle and no time to cook. If you happened to be shopping at Lot 10, why don't you guys just drop by to Simple Life. You can order some healthy fruit juice and enjoy your delicious dinner here. I manage to try their udon as well yesterday when we are at KLCC. You can also enjoy it at KLCC foodcourt level 2. Till then.

Simple Life Healthy Vegetarian
S12 & S31, 2nd Floor, 
Lot 10 Shopping Centre, 
50250 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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